Bild Confirms Germany Supplying Arms to Neo-Nazi Ukraine! (6.7.2022)

Advanced German-Built Self-Propelled Artillery Gun!

The irony of this news story is priceless!

One of the PzH 2000 Self-Propelled Howitzers (sent by the West to assist Neo-Nazi Ukraine in its aggression against Donbass) – fell into the hands of the Russian Military – according to the German publication Bild! This device consists of a powerful artillery gun mounted on a tank chassis – so that it can be independently driven (rather than dragged by another vehicle) around the battlefield and precisely positioned to achieve the greatest accuracy of fire. The irony mounts, however, in that the publication also suggests thst this advanced German self-propelled gun was put out of action by the use of a captured German grenade launcher – which had also been transferred to Kyiv by Berlin! Bild writes that the PzH 2000 – which is considered the most expensive and high-tech piece of artillery in the world – is already being studied by the Russian Military!

special operation

Ироничность данной новости просто зашкаливает)

Одна из самоходных гаубиц PzH 2000, присланных Западом Украине, попала в руки российских военных, сообщает немецкое издание Bild. Самоходная артиллерийская установка была поражена на Донбассе. Иронично, что в издании указывают: САУ была подбита из трофейного немецкого гранатомёта, который также был передан Берлином Киеву. Bild пишет, что эта  PzH 2000, которая считается  самой дорогой и высокотехнологичной в мире, уже изучается российскими военными.

Специальная операция

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