Georgian & Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Call for Help! (5.7.2022)

Their Belief in Hitler Seems to Have Failed Them!

☠️”Help us bitches – Call Sign Gondoni!”

Radio interception – broadcast made by beleaguered Neo-Nazi Ukrainian militants (and Georgian mercenaries) as Russian and Allied Artillery rained down on their positions! Their formations were eventually destroyed by the artillery of the “Brave” operating to the north-west of the village of Mirnaya Dolina in the Lisichansk direction!

special operation

‼️☠️”Помогите нам, суки, гондони” 

Радиоперехват украинских боевиков и грузинских наемников, уничтоженных артиллерией “отважных” на северо-западе поселка Мирная Долина на Лисичанском направлении.

Специальная операция

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