Ukraine: Prominent Neo-Nazi Dies in Accident! (1.7.2022)

Perhaps the Callsign ‘Austrian’ is a Clue to Her Origin!

✅ In Ukraine, a Neo-Nazi Nationalist – known by the call sign ‘Austrian’ – died in an accident

A bus transporting the Neo-Nazi ‘Volunteer’ group collectively known as ‘Kraken’ collided with a stationary military ‘KrAZ’ vehicle – which had been brought to a halt in the middle of the road (due to a burst tyre) – without the AFU crew activating its warning lights. Following rescue and medical attention, this woman (who is a member of a Nationalist Battalion) died after thirty-minutes of fighting for her life!

✅ На Украине в ДТП погибла националистка, известная под позывным Австрийка

Автобус группы «Кракен» столкнулся с военным «КрАЗом», который стоял с пробитым колесом посреди дороги без осветительных знаков. После 30 минут борьбы за жизнь участница нацбата скончалась.

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