DPR: Dog Rescued from Burning Building! (1.7.2022)

A Large Dog Survives a Direct Artillery Strike on a Domestic House in Donetsk!

We had to comment on the happy story of the rescue of a dog named ‘Mikhalych’ in Yasinovataya area of Donetsk (formerly South-East Ukraine).

He was living in a private house that caught fire after a Ukrainian artillery shell landed there.

After long attempts by passers-by to pull the dog out, Mikhalych was able to get out himself. He existed the building with his back still on fire! We wish him a speedy recovery 珞



Мы не могли пройти мимо истории спасения пса по кличке Михалыч в Ясиноватой.

Он был в частном доме, который загорелся после прилёта туда украинского артснаряда.

После долгих попыток прохожих вытащить пса Михалыч смог выбраться сам. Мы желаем ему скорейшего выздоровления 🤗


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