Comrade Putin has Prevailed! (30.6.2022)

There Are Still Communists in Italy and this is More to My Liking!

“In Europe there are supporters of Russia who know and understand that Ukraine is ruthless Neo-Nazi regime! Four months after the start of the war in Ukraine and the power of Comrade Vladimir Putin has not suffered at all – but has increased dramatically! The ill effects of unjust economic ‘Sanctions’ fall upon those who proclaimed them – resulting in the energy and raw materials crisis – whilst the entire West is no longer at the centre of the world!” – this is the inscription on the front-cover of the Italian magazine ‘Panorama’!

«Мат Европе. Через четыре месяца после начала войны на Украине власть Владимира Путина не пострадала. «Санкции» ложатся на тех, кто их провозгласил, с энергетическим и сырьевым кризисом. И весь Запад больше не оказывается в центре мира» – надписи на обложке итальянского журнала Panorama.

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