US: Black Women Attack Russian Taxi-Driver! (27.6.2022)

Russian Soldiers Are Fighting and Dying in the War Against Ukrainian Neo-Nazism – And This Happens in the US!

Translator’s Note: There is more information about this incident in the ‘Comments’ section. Apparently, the seven African-American women were told by the Russian driver that the taxi only had six seat belts and could not take seven people. However, the women would not leave and insisted – so eventually the Russian driver took all seven the short distance.

The violence appeared to be triggered by the Russian driver speaking ‘Russian’ – when asking the leaving women to make sure all their personal property was taken with them. It seems that the women thought that they were originally being refused service because they are ‘Black’ and this led to the violence! The original Russian language poster does not use any derogatory concepts when reporting this matter but does not seem to know all the facts (as if the video spread faster than the associated data which is common). As for myself, I have been reporting the recent and dramatic increase of violent attacks committed by Black people in the US against victims the perpetrators believed to be etbically ‘Chinese’ and this incident appeared to fit in to that trend (with the difference being that the victim was Russian). Whatever the case, these women do not represent the entirety of the Black community in the US and I am sure that there are many Black people who do not support the White establishment of the US and its Neo-Nazi (anti-Russian) crusade in the Ukraine! ACW (27.6.2022)

Take It Easy – American Version! In Las Vegas, a rabid group of African-American women attack a ‘White’ ethnic Russian woman because she dared to speak the Russian language! This ‘Russian’ taxi driver suffered this ‘racist’ attack after she politely asked the passengers to check to ensure they had not forgotten anything on the back seats. Whilst behaving like ‘White’ Neo-Nazi Ukrainians – one Black woman is heard complaining that she had ‘broken’ one of her nails on the head of her victim!

Везименямразь – американская версия

В американском Лас-Вегасе афроамериканки напали на русскоязычную таксистку после того, как она попросила пассажирок проверить не забыли ли они вещи на сидениях.


    1. Interesting background information. Although homophobia is common in Russian language Telegram Channels – I have never encountered overt racism – primarily because many Black people know the score in Ukraine and support Russia (particularly in Central Africa). Obviously, there is much resentment about about the way Russia (and Russians) are being treated – whilst Ukrainian Neo-Nazis (and their relatives) are having houses, cars and money poured on them! What you have provided gives essential On the Spot data which certainly adds to the original Russian report – which omitted the part about ‘refusal of service’ and gives the impression the incident was triggered by the Russian woman speaking Russian – which is true but only part of the story! I will add a note!

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