Zhang Renquan (张仁全) – How the ‘Lingling’ (灵灵) Sect Ruined My Life! (15.4.2019) 

My name is Zhang Renquan (张仁全). I live in the Jiantang Community, on Guli Street, in the Jiangning District of Nanjing City, situated in Jiangsu Province. I am a 72-year-old farmer who was brought up and lived in the countryside. My wife and myself worked hard to educate and bring-up our well-behaved and law-abiding children. Now, our children have already grown-up and married, started their own businesses – with our little granddaughter already going to primary school! When I was supposed to be a role-model and take-care of my own life and family, all I could do was stay at home in a sense of debilitated stupor unable to participate in any aspect of ordinary living! I let my wife, children and grandchildren down by getting involved with an evil ‘cult’ that nearly destroyed my life and ruined what should have been my content old age!  

My wife and I are both responsible and respectable people, and the neighbours usually arrive unexpectantly at any time if they want help or want to offer help! A few years ago, life was very hard, as I had lumbar muscle strain, and my back hurt when I tried to work hard. In the beginning, I didn’t take it too seriously. When I could not do something, I called my son to come and help – but he already had a wife and family of his own and I was sorry for being a burden upon him!  

Five years ago, several Anhui people came to our village and said they were spreading the foreign Christian ‘Bible Gospel! One day, they came to my house claiming to be ‘Preaching the Gospel’ and saying derogatory things about our country and our government (both of which had given us everything)! They then told me to rest whilst they helped clean our yard! They did all this within minutes of arriving – and we did not know who they were! The woman leading the group said her surname was ‘Yuan’ (袁), and that she had come to bring ‘the Will of the Saviour’ to our family. She said that this foreign God would keep us safe and healthy if only we joined-up with their organisation!  

To be honest, we rural people are actually most afraid of being sick or of suffering accident or injury! Listening to the supposedly real-life examples of so many believers who we were told kept their families safe through joining this group – it all seemed too good to be true! This woman stared us straight in the eye when she spoke – and seeing so many of them busy in front of our house only added to this impression! This is how the ‘Lingling’ Sect operates as they unfold their treachery and deception very carefully – step by step! Once they cleared our yard – they did not ask for payment or even any drinks – all they asked for was for my family to join their group!  This was the only payment they required! This is how I was enticed into the evil web weaved by the ‘Lingling’ Sect! 

Two days later, they came back to my house and asked for myself and wife to go to their Church activities – which happened at night. My wife did not want to go because there was too much housework to do, so I went to the Church activities on my own. After seven o’clock in the evening, I walked with them for about three miles to a house in a neighbouring village. When I walked into this house, I found a room full of people, with a few others arriving after me. After being greeted by everyone, I was welcomed to join this large family which was under the protection of the ‘Saviour’ (救世主 – Jiu Shi Zhu), and then they asked me to ‘pray’ (祷告 – Dao Gao) or ‘Communing with the Divine’. All this was alien to me, but only later did I learn that this was called ‘Comprehending the Essence’ (悟性 – Wu Xing).  

After ‘praying’ the group was then told about ‘Revelation’ (启示 – Qi Shi). The ‘Lingling’ Sect teaches that only through a complete obedience to the ‘Saviour’ can the maximum level of blessing be won by the worshipper and distributed around his or her family! Any form of disagreement or disbelief would diminish this blessing and even contribute toward the opposite of damage occurring to the individual family! The only way to keep the individuals and families ‘safe’ was to dedicate your ‘belief’ one hundred percent, and by giving everything you own to the ‘Church’! We were told that the whole of China must switch to this system for each family (and every individual) to be ‘safe’! This transformation would generate a new ‘Da Tong’ (大通) or ‘Unified Togetherness’! This ceremony then ended with ‘Spiritual Singing’ and ‘Spiritual Dancing’! I was then sent home and told that a great spiritual blessing would now be felt by myself and my family providing I stayed loyal and dedicated myself to this foreign ‘Saviour’! 

After their repeated persuasion, I began to regularly participate in these activities, excessively praying to the ‘Saviour’ every day – to save us from the end of the world – and to keep us free of disease, and to keep our family safe! As the months passed, I gradually became addicted to this ritual, participating in the activities day and night nearly every day! Gradually, my wife comprehended my abnormal behaviour and attitudes and would not let me go out at night! But every time I disregarded her objections and went out to these ‘Lingling’ Sect activities. In the meantime, within the real world I used to have high blood pressure all the time. I went to Jiangning People’s Hospital for several visits, and the doctor told me to take medicine for a long time. Since I participated in these foreign Church activities – I believed in their anti-science nonsense and that I would be protected from all diseases, and so I stopped taking medicine! I only wanted to use my ‘religion’ and exchange my medicine for the protection of the ‘saviour”!  

Six months went by and after waking up one morning, I suddenly felt numb throughout half my body and was unable to speak, so I struggled to get out of bed. My wife heard the noise I was making and quickly called my son – who got a car and took me to the hospital! The doctor diagnosed me with a cerebral thrombosis! After emergency treatment, I finally got my life back, but I suffered from hemiplegia. After being hospitalized for more than half a month, when I got home, I regretted what I had done by subjugating myself to the ‘Lingling’ Sect – so much so – that I didn’t want to live! Originally, I was a good person, but now I can only lie in bed half-paralyzed because I listened to a religiously superstitious cult and stopped taking my medicine! I am now a big become burden to my family and relatives! 

Now, I just hope that my body can gradually recover, and that I can take care of itself, and that I will no longer be a burden to my family. It was the evil ‘Lingling’ Sect that destroyed me, and I listened to their nonsense, which eventually led to such evil results! I did not listen until it was too late, and there was no turning back. Talking about the pain caused by ‘Lingling’ Sect, the old man Zhang Renquan sheds tears of remorse! Learn from this story and do not make the same mistake!  



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