Aiden Aslin: British Neo-Nazi Mercenary Remorseful Before Death Penalty Announced! (25.6.2022)

The UK Government Abandons All Those Who Do its Bidding!

🇺🇦🇬🇧”I’m sorry that I became part of the Ukrainian army” British mercenary Aiden Aslin, who was sentenced to death, spoke about his impressions. This video was filmed moments before the death penalty was announced. There is a link below to the full English version. He states that the behaviour of the Ukrainians in Mariupol was so bad it changed his entire perspective upon the conflict! He also complains that Ukrainian artillery was hitting Donetsk and striking the pre-trial detention centre in which he was being held. He said that he could die faster from the Ukrainian artillery rather than from the death sentence of the court!

🇺🇦🇬🇧«Мне жаль, что я стал частью украинской армии»

Приговоренный к казни британский наемник Эйден Аслин рассказал о своих впечатлениях.

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