Donbass: Cowardly South Korean Lee Guan and Fellow US ‘Dudes’ Running Away! (18.6.2022)

South Korea is Currently a Colony of the US – Hence the Mimicry!

The South Korean mercenary Lee Geun, who did not really fight and fled with difficulty back to his homeland, (where he faces criminal liability), posted a video of an unsuccessful raid on Russian positions. “The mission did not go according to plan” and they were forced to flee in blood. Taken in April.

Despite the Blanket Pro-Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Coverage – There Are Still Free-Thinking Westerners Out There!

Южнокорейский наёмник Ли Гын, который толком не повоевал и с трудом сбежал на родину, где ему светит уголовная ответственность, выложил видео неудачного рейда на позиции русских. «Миссия пошла не по плану» и они в крови были вынуждены бежать. Снято в апреле

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