DPR: Aiden Aislin ‘Grassing’ and Denying Being ‘Gay’!

Aiden Aislin ‘Grassing’ Another Brit! Homophobia is a Major Issue Amongst the Ukrainians and Russians!

Translator’s Note: Homophobia and transphobia are staple policies of the political far-right and such ideas are common-place within every Neo-Nazi-inspired manifesto, agenda and ‘Notes for Joining’! The Communist ‘Left’ in the West counters this tendency by openly supporting the LGBTNQ+ Community (although the Communist Party of Russia, Donetsk and Lugansk remain ‘silent’ upon this issue) – even though this community generally supports ‘capitalism’ and the ‘bourgeois’ status quo! Furthermore, despite the rather obvious ‘Neo-Nazi’ complexion of the post-2014 Ukrainian government – the ‘Gay’ media in the West has instinctively ‘toed’ the official Tory government line of supporting the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi regime – despite the rampant homophobia that exists throughout the Ukrainian population! This is not surprising, as the ‘Gay’ press fully aligns itself with the anti-Socialist agenda of the capitalist press – and whilst lamenting this or that perceived ‘slight’ against Gay Rights – are quite happy to print ‘racist’ anti-China, anti-DPRK and anti-Cuba rhetoric whenever it suits them! This is because the Gay Community in the West is run by ‘White’ middle-class males.

Since 1991, the resurgence of the Russian Orthodox Church into the political arena has ensured that a Biblical prejudice against homosexual and bisexuality has now firmly permeated the Slavic mind throughout the Ukraine and Russia (and wherever the ‘Orthodox’ Church dominates). This is not surprising as between 1991-2000 – the West was allowed to fill the post-Soviet space with far-right political rhetoric and intolerant religious ideology – a very different situation to the years 1917-1991 where the Soviet space was dominated by the thought structures that define the objective scientific scrutiny of the material world! The Russian Orthodox Church possessed NO political power and so its homophobia went no further than the boundary of each Church structure.

The USSR never ‘legalised’ homosexuality – but Lenin did abolish the anti-gay Czarist Laws in 1918 (when he abolished the entirety of the backward and feudal Czarist Law) – and never considered replicating such blanket bans in the new ‘Bolshevik’ Law. As these Czarist Laws were premised upon theological bias – there was no place for such prejudice in a new society premised entirely upon scientific development and progression! The foundational unit of a ‘Socialist’ (Marxist-Leninist’) society is the ‘family’ and not the individual. Indeed, in such a society, individual freedom is ensured and enhanced through the well-being of the group! The rampant ‘individualism’ found within predatory capitalism is a product of the bourgeois ‘division of labour’ that rejects collectivity (and collective strength) and is designed to empower the rich and disempower the poor! The rich are free to express their sexual desires upon the bodies of the poor – but highly oppressive laws and authoritarian persecution ensure that the rights of the poor are kept to an absolute minimum!

Russia claims to be fighting Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine and yet ‘homophobia’ is rampant throughout its population! How can a nation claim to be fighting Neo-Nazism when its population supports a major facet of Neo-Nazi ideology? Of course, the Ukrainian regime is premised upon the far-right because that is exactly ‘how’ its US pay masters wanted it to be! The Ukrainian regime is ‘Neo-Nazi’ with Western, bourgeois characteristics! The Ukrainians ‘pretend’ to tolerate homosexuality – but this is just play-acting! When the US, UK and EU is handing-out free citizenship, money and weaponry – the beneficiaries tends to behave according to script! On top of all this contradicting madness – prominent members of the gay community have travelled to Ukraine and joined ‘special’ gay Ukrainian military units that are kept at least 500-miles behind the frontline! Everyone should remember that although the Nazi Germans engaged in abusive homosexuality (especially in the ‘SS’), Hitler had all the gays engaging in monogamous relationships (outside the military) put into Death Camps – that were eventually liberated by the Soviet Red Army! ACW (18.6.2022)

Yes, I have many fans not only among Ukrainian soldiers, but also among foreign mercenaries. This Brit found the courage to turn to me and say that he was not related to my last year’s publication and that he was not gay. He also decided to indicate who was involved in my information. It turned out to be not just his brother in arms, but also the same Briton: “There was a gay among us, or at least a bisexual. This is a Briton named Ashley Poo. We found transgender content on his phone. So I’m sure you’d like to own this information.” I told you that I am an idea, and an idea has no boundaries or language restrictions. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha… The original post below!


The other day there was a sexual scandal in the 36th Brigade of the Marine Corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine associated with foreign “volunteers” who serve in the Airborne Assault Company, 1st Battalion of the Brigade. There are too many foreigners in this Company. In short, the essence is that with two Ukrainian soldiers who recently arrived in the 36th Brigade, they tried to enter into same-sex sexual intercourse in an unnatural way – encouraged by their White Masters from the EU and the USA: – Sailor, Assistant Grenade Launcher, US Citizen Alexander Tobiassen, born in 1993; – Sailor, Grenade Launcher, Subject of Her Majesty and Great Britain, Aiden Aslin, born in 1994; – Senior Sailor, Senior Gunner, a native of Watford (Great Britain), and also a citizen of Great Britain, Sean Pinner, born in 1995;-Senior Sailor, Senior Gunner, native of Zagreb, citizen of Croatia, Vukoslav Prebeg, born in 1982. An ethnic Ukrainian Captain (with a ‘traditional’ sexual orientation) passed nearby and interrupted the gangbang. Isn’t this proof of the Anglo-Saxons’ love for Ukrainians? Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ah-ah-ha…


Да, у меня много поклонников не только среди украинских солдатиков, но и среди иностранных наёмников. Этот британец нашёл в себе смелость обратиться ко мне и заявить, что он не имеет отношение к моей прошлогодней публикации и что он не гей. Также он решил указать причастного к моей информации. Им оказался не просто его брат по оружию, но и такой же британец:

«Среди нас был гей, или как минимум бисексуал. Это британец по имени Эшли Пу. На его телефоне мы нашли материалы трансгендерной тематики. Так что я уверен, что ты хотел бы владеть данной информацией.»

Я же говорил, что я — идея, а идея не имеет границ или языковых ограничений. Ах-ха-ха-ха-ха-ха-ха-ха-ха…

На днях произошёл сексуальный скандал в 36 бригаде Морской пехоты ВСУ связанный с иностранными «добровольцами», которые служат в десантно-штурмовой роте, 1 батальона бригады. Что-то слишком много иностранцев в этой роте. Короче, суть такая, что с двумя украинскими недавно прибывшими в 36 бригаду солдатиками, пытались вступить в однополую половую связь неприродным путём их белые хозяева из ЕС и США:

  • матрос, помощник гранатометчика, гражданин США Александр Тобиассен, 1993 г.р.;
  • матрос, гранатометчик, подданный её Величества и всё такое Великобритании, Эйден Аслин, 1994 г.р.;
  • старший матрос, старший стрелок, уроженец Уотфорда (Великобритания), и тоже подданный Великобритании, Шон Пиннер, 1995 г.р.;
  • старший матрос, старший стрелок, уроженец г.Загреб, гражданин Хорватии, Вукослав Пребег, 1982 г.р.

Рядом проходил капитан с традиционной ориентацией и прервал ганьдьбу. Разве ни это доказательство любви англосаксов к украинцам? Ах-ха-ха-ха-ха-ах-ах-ха…

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