Chemical Warfare: US Mercenary Alexander John-Robert Druke! (16.6.2022)

Alexander John-Robert Druke is Either Dead or Captured!

It has been suggested that a US mercenary named Alexander John-Robert Druke (an Iraqi Veteran from Alabama) has been captured and is in Russian anf/or Allied custody (caught fighting in the Neo-Nazi ‘Aidar’ Battalion). However, it may be that he has been killed in action and that it is his corpse that has been recovered, as this confusion of facts often happens due to the fog of war – even if it is a Special Military Operation. Furthermore, being a mercenary in a Neo-Nazi Battalion might well have been the cover story he was using whilst carrying out his intelligence missions.

Alexander John-Robert Druke Could Have Been Serving as a US Intelligence Officer in Donbass!
The US is Engaged in Chemical Warfare in the Ukraine!

An important detail. The emblem on his jacket (like the abbreviation 74D) stands for the Chemical Corps, a Division of the US Army that is responsible for protection against biological, radiological, nuclear and chemical weapons. Specialists are concentrated in these Units who know not only how to prevent, but also how to organize chemical provocations, which have become the hallmark of American intelligence services since the days of Syria. @voenkorKotenok

Важная деталь. Эмблема на кителе (как и аббревиатура 74D) — это Chemical Corps, подразделение американской армии, которое отвечает за защиту от биологического, радиологического, ядерного и химического оружия. То есть именно там концентрируются специалисты, которые лучше всех знают не только как предотвратить, но и как организовать химические провокации, которые еще со времен Сирии стали визитной карточкой американских спецслужб.


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