Russian NKVD Capture Far-Right Ukrainian ‘Spy’ with Neo-Nazi ’14/88′ Tattoo! (13.6.2022)

Denis Sergeevich Lozovoy [Лозовой Денис Сергеевич] Confesses His Crimes!

Translator’s Note: The Ardennes Offensive (16.12.1944-25.1.1945) was Hitler’s last throw of the dice in the West! Part of the ‘Battle of Bulge’ involved Nazi German Special Forces comprised of ethnic Germans either brought-up in the US – or whose English-language skills were so good that they could pass as an average ‘American’ soldier! Whilst dressed in US Infantry uniforms, the function of these units was to ‘infiltrate’ the Allied lines and commit acts of sabotage (such as turning road-signs the other way around), whilst gathering intelligence about the Allied plans, deployment and intentions! When captured, these ‘Special Forces’ operatives all gave their name, rank, number and date of birth, together with their the actual Nazi German Regiments they were enlisted within!

Following Hitler’s infamous ‘Commando Order’ (issued 18.10.1942), however, which stated that ALL captured Allied ‘Special Forces’ were to be immediately ‘put to death’ without trial – the US Military Authorities took the position that these men – despite being enlisted German soldiers – were ‘out of uniform’ and ‘were engaged in spying activities’ when captured ‘behind Allied lines!’ The US Military Authorities decided that a number of these Nazi German ‘Officers’ and ‘NCOs’ would be ‘tried’ as spies (by Military Courts Martial) – and if found ‘Guilty’ – executed by ‘firing squad’ (comprised of US Military Police Officers). The Americans executed three men, filmed the executions, and had the films widely distributed to intimidate those still fighting the Hitler! These (and similar Allied) ‘execution’ films were shown extensively throughout US, UK and European cinemas as a matter of ‘revenge’ for all the deaths caused by the Nazi German regime! This carousel of death was dented somewhat, when news (and film footage) of the Nazi German Death Camps became common knowledge! I have translate the short article below – and added a substantial amount of background information so as to make the meaning ‘clear’ to the general reader! ACW (13.6.2022)

Denis Sergeevich Lozovoy [Лозовой Денис Сергеевич] (b. 25.7.2001) – Armed Forces of Ukraine (POW) – Caught ‘Spying’ Behind Russian Lines!

The video posted at the top of this article features the ‘confession’ of one ‘Denis Sergeevich Lozovoy’ – an ordinary ‘enlisted’ soldier with the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF). At just twenty-one years old, he has already served in the Ukrainian Army from 2019-2021 as a Checkpoint-Controller, and ‘trained’ as a rear-area Driver and a frontline Driver (but was not deployed). According to him, he did not participate at anytime in the terrorist activities carried-out by the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian ‘Maidan’ regime in the Donbass area! He said that he does not agree with the ‘Neo-Nazi’ Ukrainian regime and decided that he does not want to fight Russia! He thinks that the people of Donbass should have the right to self-determination and be allowed to decide their own destiny! So far, so good! As he was cooperative and friendly – he was given an unusual amount of ‘freedom’ to move about behind the Russian frontline.

Obviously, the modem-day equivalent of the NKVD (or ‘Revolutionary Police’) kept an eye on this POW to make sure he was not abused in anyway and that he received all his rights. The Intelligence Report relating to this Ukrainian soldier reads:

‘Denis Sergeevich Lozovoy was caught attempting to gather ‘reconnaissance’ information from many different situations. He was trained by ‘foreign’ powers (possibly ‘British’) and tasked with the function of infiltrating the Russian Military and Security Structure. He was to accomplish this task by gaining the confidence of an ordinary Russian soldier (and his friends), penetrate the camp’s security, examine and record the infrastructure, and communicate all this data to the enemy. He was to develop groups of Russian soldiers ready to ‘rebel’ for financial awards and immunity from prosecution whilst receiving political asylum in the US, UK and EU!’

Ordinary Russian soldiers were immediately suspicious of the behaviour of Denis Sergeevich Lozovoy and were instructed by the NIVD to ‘play along’ and gather evidence. As Denis Sergeevich Lozovoy was not a member of the Nao-Nazi ‘Nationalist Battalions’ – his body was not checked for far-right tattoos when taken prisoner. As a legitimate Ukrainian ‘enlisted’ soldier, Denis Sergeevich Lozovoy was immediately given ‘POW’ status and benefitted from all the regulations designed to make the lives of such prisoners comfortable. This is different to members of ‘foreign’ (White Supremacist) the Neo-Nazi ‘Nationalist Battalions’ – who are listed as ‘Common Criminals’ and arrested as such! When washing, however, a number of Russian soldiers reported that Denis Sergeevich Lozovoy possessed a tattoo on his upper arm which reads ’14/88′! This is a well-known ‘Hitlerite’ Neo-Nazi tattoo worn by supporters of the political far-right!

When expressed together, the numbers ’14/88′ (also ’88/14′) is a combination of two White Supremacist (numerological) symbols believed by Neo-Nazis to possess supernatural (or occultist) power and significance! The first symbol is ’14’ – short for the ’14 words’ – a well-known far-right slogan which reads:

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

The slogan was coined by the American Neo-Nazi – David Lane (1938-2007) – a member of the White Supremacist terrorist group known as The Order (Lane died in prison). The second set of numbers – ’88’ – stands for eighth letter of the Roman alphabet written twice as ‘HH’ – which stands for ‘Heil Hitler’. White Supremacists believe that the ‘spirit’ and ‘strength’ of ‘Adolf Hitler’ enters their mind and body if his initials are permanently tattooed on their bodies! When expressed together, the numbers form a general endorsement of Neo-Nazism, White Supremacy and its (racist) ideological beliefs! When arrested and interrogated, Denis Sergeevich Lozovoy admitted that he had been ‘trained’ as a spy and sent on a mission ‘behind enemy lines’! He also admitted that whilst the USSR fought the Nazi Germans – his grandparents supported Stepan Bandera and his band of murderous ‘Hitlerites’! Denis Sergeevich Lozovoy has now lost his ‘POW’ status and has been arrested as a ‘common criminal’ charged with ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ and ‘War Crimes’! Denis Sergeevich Lozovoy will now be tried and will face the Death Penalty!

Russian Language Article:

“Есть у нас сомнение, что ты, мил человек, стукачок”, – единственное, что приходит на ум, когда смотришь признания этого харьковского теробороновца. В просвещённый век интернета, это юное создание не знает, что такое “14/88”, зато знает мифотворческий мем о “деды воевали”. Харьковчанин Лозовой Денис Сергеевич. Родившийся 25 июля 2001 года. Срочную службу проходил с 2019 по 2021 год на должности контролёра КПП, водителя и водителя-линейщика. По его словам, в АТО/ОСС не участвовал. Сейчас – сложил оружие и выбросил к небу ✋🤚.

“Пойман за попытку разведывательной обстановки. Задача – нужно было внедриться в доверие к русскому солдату, проникнуть в лагерь и рассмотреть инфраструктуру. Попытка была неуспешной. Русские воины обратили на меня внимание, поскольку у меня примитивное [имеется в виду “приметное”] лицо и татуировка “14/88″. Один из воинов отвёл меня к командиру. Тот начал допрос и я во всём признался. Ребят, которые были со мной, я тоже сдал – где живут, адреса. Их тоже взяли в плен”

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