Ukraine: Defiant AFU & Neo-Nazi Units Wave Hitlerite Flags! (11.6.2022)

Nazi German Flags Adorned the Ukrainian Frontline Positions Yesterday!

With the announcement of the Death Sentences for the first three ‘foreign’ members of the Neo-Nazi ‘Nationalist Battalions’, the Zelensky government in Kyiv ordered a show of defiance with a batch of Nazi German Flags (delivered from the EU) distributed and waved all along the frontline of hostilities! All Ukrainian military units were ordered to participate with the mass displaying of the flags accompanied in many sectors by anti-Semitic Nazi German songs pumped-out through the loud-speakers of public address speakers! As with all these displays – the Western media collides to hide what is really going on by simply refusing to report it as it happens – quite often in front of the eyes of their own reporters! The losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been so great that the Kyiv Junta has now started conscription women for frontline duty – yet another sham equality drive in a society firmly controlled by White men who happily receive their orders from Washington, London and Berlin! For those Ukrainians who continue down the part of Neo-Nazism, a harsh winter awaits with no food, water, electricity or gas! ⚡️⚡️⚡️Temporarily not yet denazified ex-Minister of Internal Affairs Arseniy Avakov began to prophesy for Ukrainians a hard winter without electricity, water and gas‼️‼️‼️ Based on the latest news about the massive losses of Ukrainian nationalists and the beginning of the mobilization of women, I want to add that while the criminal Kyiv regime continues to sacrifice its population, the coming winter awaits Ukraine without people…

⚡️⚡️⚡️Временно еще не денацифицированный экс-министр внутренних дел Арсения Аваков начал пророчить украинцам тяжелую зиму без света, воды и газа‼️‼️‼️ Опираясь на последние новости о массовых потерях украинских националистов и начале мобилизации женщин, хочу добавить, что пока преступный киевский режим продолжает жертвовать своим населением, грядущая зима ждет Украину без людей…

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