Photographs of Neo-Nazi Mercenaries Prior to Death Penalty! (10.6.2022)

What Saadoun Brahim Looks Like as a Member of ISIS!

This is a collection of photographs captured during combat, or taken all three Neo-Nazi mercenaries surrendered in Mariupol, Donetsk People’s Republic! There Commanders had ran away and the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Authorities in Kyiv had abandoned them to their fate – such is the brutal ideology of Hitlerism! As is evident, prior to having their heads and faces shaved – they look very different! It must not be forgotten just how many men, women and children these criminals have murdered in the name of US, UK and EU neo-imperialism! Who speaks for their victims?

Hitler Was a Well-known Animal Lover!
Aiden Aislin Fully Equipped by NATOl
Sean Pinner Carries An ‘Irish’ First-Name!
Exhausted and Near Breaking-Point When Captured!
After Rest, Medical Care and Food!
All Processed and Ready for Their Trial fir War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity!

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