DPR: British Neo-Nazi Mercenaries Plead ‘Guilty’! (9.6.2022)

Foreign Members of the Vicious Azov Battalion Pleading in Their Trial!

The British citizens Sean Pinner and Aiden Aslin – as well as the Moroccan citizen Saadun Brahim – are filmed admitting their guilt for participating in illegal hostilities on the side of the Western-backed Neo-Nazi Kyiv regime (as foreign mercenaries). Based upon the severity of the total charges, these men may well have to face the death penalty. @opersvodki


Британцы Шон Пиннер и Эйден Аслин, а также гражданин марроканец Саадун Брагим частично признали свою вину в участии в боевых действиях на стороне Киева в качестве наёмников.

По совокупности обвинений им может грозить высшая мера наказания – смертная казнь.


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