Azov Films Operating in Paedophile Ukraine – Leaders Imprisoned! (9.6.2013) 

Translators Note: This is an English translation of a 2013 Russian-language article regarding the horrific story surrounding the ‘Azov Film’ scandal and the sexual abusive of Ukrainian (Crimean) children for the viewing pleasure of perverted, fee-paying customers from around the world! Although I have included the broader worldwide effect that ‘Azov Films’ has had on the destruction of young minds and bodies – I wanted to present the viewpoint of the ‘Ukrainian’ people whose children have suffered these terrible crimes! I also want to point-out the hypocrisy of the West – whose money has not only ‘paid’ for the raping of Ukrainian children – but has also funded and armed the so-called ‘Azov Battalions’! The kingpin was ‘Brian Way’ a Toronto-based businessman who named his film company after the ‘area’ from which the poor families were recruited (and paid) so that their (male) children could be psychologically, emotionally and physically abused during extended periods of sexual depravity! Generally speaking, these victims were chosen to order, with mostly boys (but also some girls according to evidence found in Italy) being aged between 8-14 years old. (This occasionally involved the ‘trafficking’ of Ukrainian children to particularly ‘rich’ clients living in the West – although the usual rule for security reasons was for ‘clients’ to travel to the Ukraine)! Azov Films was trading as early as 2006 when it was investigated by the Canadian Authorities – who were only shown ‘naturist’ videos of teenage boys running and playing in the open countryside! At the time, none of the thousands of child sex abuse videos were discovered with these ‘naturist’ videos being deemed of ‘niche’ art interest. There is evidence that Azov Films existed between 2000-2011 and spent an entire decade catering to the warped desire mechanisms of its predominantly ‘White’ – during which time its operatives in the Ukraine sexually abused and tortured thousands of children!  

Following the collapse of the USSR in 1991 and the sudden dismantling of the supportive and equality-guaranteeing Soviet Socialist System, widespread poverty swept through the Ukraine during the transition to a US-style predatory capitalist system! Indeed, between 1991-1999 it is estimated that around 6 million former Soviet citizens died of medical neglect, starvation and poverty! Things only started to improve from the year 2000 with the rise of Vladimir Putin and his re-instigation of many Socialist fail-safes throughout society! However, with the Ukraine lying outside of Putin’s Authority, widespread poverty continued to exist as the US, the EU and NATO continuously agitated to have the Ukraine detach itself from Russia (and Russian Socialism) and fully commit itself to Western-style free-market economics! This US-inspired policy of interfering in the Ukraine’s internal affairs ensured that its population was ripe for pornographers to take advantage of it. Since 1991, the sexual exploitation of adult men and women in the Ukraine for the legitimate ‘porn’ entertainment industry has been continuously presented in the liberal Western press as being a fine example of the ‘freedom of choice’ now operating throughout the Ukraine – a process of ‘free’ choice acting as a bulwark against the oppressive Soviet System whose laws ‘protected’ men and women from having their minds and bodies being sexually exploitered – equality laws that were considered ‘anti-market’ and ‘against’ business! 

This highly predatory climate (existing in the post-Soviet space) consisting of an impoverished population being controlled and manipulated by a few individuals possessing financial resources, generated the conditions for desperately poor Ukrainian parents (in the ‘Azov’ area) ‘selling’ or ‘renting-out’ the bodies of their young ‘male’ (and sometimes ‘female’) children to very rich and visiting Western Europeans – who were willing to pay very large amounts to frolic naked with the children, engage in illegal sexual activity with the child (or children), and then inflict all kinds of physical pain upon the child (or children) – a process which must have on occasion resulted in the permanent maiming or death of each child so abused! This is a prime example of how ‘poverty’ creates desperation and how this desperation leads to all kinds of immoral behaviour! In-turn, this raping and torturing of young boys was filmed by the owners of ‘Azov Films’ and the films were then sold in their tens of thousands to fee-paying clients around the world! Those who possessed enough funds – were able to ‘pay’ for ‘live-streams’ whereby the fee-payer could choose any child to be picked-out and imprisoned in the Ukraine – and dictate the sexual abuse and torture ‘live’! On occasion, children were selected and abused in Romania, Spain and even Australia – but the poverty-stricken ‘Azov’ coastal area of the Ukraine remained central to this industry of child abuse! 

On July 28th, 1942, the Nazi Germans (and their Allies) captured the Azov area and immediately murdered around 600 people (who were shot), whilst 5000 were driven to Germany and the occupied countries to be used as ‘slaves’. In the former City Government Buildings – where the District Committee of the CPSU (b) was located before the war – the Nazi Germans placed their Commandant’s Office! Hitler has personally ordered that the Soviet population of ‘Azov’ be severely ‘punished’ for its adherence to the Communist regime – and for the transportation of the indigenous ethnic German population that had been living in the area (as Soviet citizens) to Kazakstan! Sexual violence committed by the Nazi German occupiers was very much the ‘norm’ – with Special Nazi German ‘Punishment’ Battalions being ‘rotated’ through the area to fulfil this purpose! Men, women and children were subject to all kinds of hideous sexual violence and torture – often ending in death! Although the Nazi Germans were finally defeated by the Soviet Red Army, the idea of the Azov ‘Punishment’ Battalions has persisted within the deficient and obsessive imagination of the Neo-Nazis! 

During Brian Way’s remand, investigation and trial (2011-2015), however, the historical background exploring just ‘WHY’ it was that a child porn industry based in Toronto would refer to itself as ‘Azov Films’? The Nazi German ideology demanded a parallel morality which saw the strict moral maintenance of ‘normal’ everyday ‘heterosexual’ relationships between racially pure (Aryan) men and women through mundane society! Sex between differing ethnicities was ‘strictly’ forbidden by law as it produced ‘sub-human’ off-spring that were useless and a burden to society! Homosexuality between consenting adults was also considered ‘immoral’ within Nazi German society as such couplings could not produce healthy children for Hitler’s armies! Those who broke these ‘sexual hygiene’ rules were usually imprisoned or sent to the Death Camps! Within the ‘male only’ environment of the Nazi German Armed Forces, however, things were very different! This was a ‘closed’ and highly elitist environment cut-off from mainstream society and regulated by very different rules. Officers, particularly of the SS, were expected to select young ‘male’ recruits that they subjected to homosexual rape and torture! Just how each recruit handled this sexual abuse would dictate his career in the army – and even the ‘safety’ of his family in the outside world! This type of homosexual abuse was concerned ‘manly’ in the warped mentality of the Nazi Germans!  

However, when Nazi German soldiers were indoctrinated for the invasion of the USSR – they were instructed that the Slavic race was ‘inferior’ and had to be completely ‘eradicated’ upon contact so as to clear space and make empty land available for the German population to expand into! Whilst killing these vermin, the Nazi German soldiers were encouraged to make use of their bodies in any way they saw fit! This included the use of mass-rape to undermine the moral and ‘collective’ fighting spirit of the Soviet population! This base behaviour included the routine ‘rape’ of Soviet children – both boys and girls – often as a precursor to their murder! This is part of the oppressive Nazi German behaviour that unfurled through the ‘Azov’ area between 1942-1943 – that only came to an end when the Soviet Red Army ‘liberated’ the area and brought this heinous activity to an end! Of course, none of this was ever mentioned during the trial of Brian Way – or the trial anyone involved in the ‘Azov Film’ child pornography scandal! Whilst Brian Way sat in a Canadian prison sell during early 2014, the US-backed Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Junta was brought to illegally power by force of arms – assisted in part by a corrupt element of the Officer Corpse in the Ukrainian Army! One of the first acts of this Neo-Nazi regime was to establish the ‘Azov’ Punishment Battalion (amongst many others also carrying Nazi German names and insignia) – which openly recruited from the far-right and White Supremacy Movements around the world – and which was deployed into the Donbass area of East Ukraine as a means to ‘Punish’ the local pro-Russian population (which firmly rejected the ‘Neo-Nazi’ ideology of the ‘Maidan’ Junta). It is clear that ‘Azov Films’ – which specialised in exploiting children for the child porn industry – is part of the ‘White Supremacy’ Movement and is ideologically linked to the ‘Azov Battalion’ as recruited and deployed by the ‘Maidan’ Junta! Imagine designating a military unit using the name of a child-porn film studio that was prevalent within the mainstream press! Even more bizarre – imagine the mind-set of the ‘White’ men and women who would think it appropriate to join a Neo-Nazi military unit named after a child-porn film studio! ACW (5.6.2002) 



In the summer of 2011, child porn director – Igor Rusanov – (nicknamed ‘Zverozub’ or ‘Beast’), was arrested in Crimea. In the autumn of 2012, the Simferopol Railway Court convicted him of producing and distributing child pornography and sentenced him to 5 years in prison. After the exposure of this porn director in the paedophile world – mass arrests of perverts involved in the activities of the porn company Azov Films began. Principals, teachers, sports coaches, scout-leaders and even… Catholic priests are on trial! 

Recall that on July 28th, 2011 – Igor Rusanov – a director and distributor of porn films that involve the systematic psychological and physical sexual abuse and rape of Crimean boys – was arrested in the Bakhchisaray District – living in a rented apartment. A paedophile was detained following a journalistic investigation by the 1K Newspaper – which exposed a well-known academic expert regarding the geography of the Crimea – the author of the local history website of the Peninsula and the Head of the Skvorechnik Children’s Association! 

Journalists were put on the trail of the porn director by an anonymous informant who provided 1K with explicit (and disturbing) photographic materials (and film footage) shot on location in the ‘Azov’ coastal area of the Crimea and released by Azov Films. The main actors were local, naked boys from poor families all aged between 8 to 14 years old. 

During the investigation, the journalists discovered that all this pornography was placed on special sites throughout the Internet under the guise of advertising ‘Naturism’. In fact, it was an advertisement for naked boyish bodies – luring foreign paedophiles – who would make arrangements with Rusanov for them to travel to Crimea to meet with – and sexually abuse boys of their choice! Among them was an Australian – he was detained along with Zverozub – but in the end he got off with a suspended sentence. 

As it became known later, Rusanov represented just one of the tentacles of the paedophile octopus named ‘Azov Films’ – and only headed its Crimean branch. The Head Office and financial operating centre of this company was in Toronto, Canada. Other branches operated in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Spain, Germany and many other countries throughout the world. 

Interestingly, our law enforcement officers arrested Rusanov only after mass arrests began at the company’s Head Office in Toronto in May 2011 (and they exposed the porn director and handed over all the information to the police – back in January 2011). The company’s server was confiscated, films were confiscated, and some executives of Azov Films were arrested. And only after all these American arrests did Rusanov’s turn come. The Kyiv employees of the Department for Combating Cybercrime contributed to his detention, the latter, in turn, were forced to act by pressure from Interpol and the FBI of America. 

During a search of Zverozub’s apartment, (where he hid after our exposing publications), a porn archive worth a million dollars was found. It contained more than 100 child porn cassettes, more than 100 discs, cameras, camcorders and computers with which the films were processed and distributed. Rusanov himself did not deny his guilt: he admitted that he was a paedophile who was excited by boys! Due to the fact that Zverozub cooperated with the investigation, he received under Art. 301. part 4 (production, sale and distribution of child pornography) not 8 years in prison, but only 5. 

Two years have passed since the exposure of Igor Rusanov. Now he is serving a term under a very “unpleasant” conditions – one can only guess how hard it is for him. Meanwhile, in the history of the porn company ‘Azov Films’, the end has not yet been set. Its Head Office was destroyed, the Crimean branch too, but how do the other tentacles of the paedophile octopus feel? 1K became aware of this thanks to the same anonymous informant who remains in-touch with us. 

After each publication on this topic, 1K journalists were accused of … paedophilia. Throughout social networks and comments on our articles – they wrote that we allegedly savour this topic and that we were accusing honest and decent “lovers of children” – whilst we ourselves are the treu paedophiles! However, it seems that there is no need to explain who so zealously defends Rusanov and his ilk and slings mud at journalists. For us in this case, the main thing is that hundreds of Crimean children have been saved, at least from at least one paedophile – Zverozub! Therefore, we continue with our investigative work! 

Most recently, an anonymous person shared new information with 1K journalists. American journalist Matthew Crane published a very bold article on the Dubois County Free Press website, in which he indicated the real names and surnames of persons involved in criminal cases related to the activities of Azov Films. The court proceedings, as the journalist writes, are not over yet, no sentences have been handed down. Cranes writes:

‘But many customers were charged only with possessing Azov Films videos, and some objected that the legal ground had been unfairly shifted beneath them. Sebastian Edathy, a member of the German parliament who had presided over a public inquiry into a string of neo-Nazi murders, was defiant after his arrest. “I assume that the presumption of innocence counts for me as well,” he posted on his Facebook page, insisting that the content of the films he’d bought from Azov Films over five years was “unambiguously legal.” His arrest created a scandal for Angela Merkel’s government; he resigned and was indicted on child pornography charges. He eventually pleaded guilty.’

But the creator of the “video for naturists” from Romania – Markus Roth – was prosecuted. However, the latter received a very mild sentence, and the public prosecutor even thanked him for the fact that the children in the films did not suffer, that is, they were not beaten, not killed, but simply corrupted with their own consent!  

Crane is also outraged by the fact that all the Romanian children (and their parents) interviewed by the police did not express any complaints. The American journalist compares the Romanian victims with the Crimean ones – he writes that the victims of Igor Rusanov were also silent for many years and even reluctantly testified against Zverozub in court! 

We understand the indignation of the American correspondent, but we can explain this behaviour of the victims. It’s in America that the court is littered with allegations of sexual harassment and rape. Our people have a different mentality: anyway, you won’t prove anything, and you won’t punish anyone, you’ll only be disgraced. 

Most likely, that is why the victims of Igor Rusanov were reluctant to talk about the sexual exploitation they suffered. Eloquent evidence of this is the response of Pavel Astakhov, Commissioner for Children’s Rights under the President of Russia, when he writes about the fight against paedophilia. 1K contacted the Children of the Planet Organization, and this is what they wrote to us: “Information about paedophiles from Azov Films was once again and for the last time passed on to Astakhov’s representative on March 27, 2011. A message was sent – Azov Films Studio continues to successfully advertise and sell videos with naked Russian and Ukrainian boys among English-speaking people (the address of the link is indicated here, which we will hide for obvious reasons – ed.). 

We believe this information will be of interest to Astakhov, because who better than him to protect Russian children from paedophiles. However, Astakhov’s answer shocked the volunteers. Speaking about the problems of paedophilia and molestation of children, the latter stated: “Such a system should include measures for the identification, diagnosis, treatment, medical and social rehabilitation of persons suffering from abnormal sexual attraction to children, prevention of the recurrence of their crimes, as well as the provision of comprehensive medical, psychological, legal, social assistance to victims”. 

It seems that the main Russian defender of children’s rights has equated paedophilia with ordinary homosexuality, that is, recognized it as a de facto sexual orientation. By the way, America has not gone far from Astakhov in this matter. In the latest edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Handbook of Diagnostics and Statistics, we see the following changes regarding paedophilia: according to the DSM-4 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), a person is no longer considered a paedophile if they simply molest children or fantasize about intimate contact with them. He is considered as such only if he realizes that he is doing bad things and feels anxiety about this, or if paedophilia “interferes with his normal life.” 

And it is not surprising that in the light of the above, paedophiles go much further than the “harmless” admiring of a naked child’s body. As an anonymous source told 1K, in addition to sites with child pornography in the nude style, Azov Films has created a system of hidden sites and servers on the Internet. She acted on the principle of online live broadcasts. “Children were raped, corrupted right in front of paedophiles. A lot of sadism, it is possible that children were killed. The server in Canada played the role of a key link in this worldwide hidden system. I don’t know what role Rusanov played. But he, of course, had access to it, because Rusanov became the first victim of the Interpol operation, and they always try to arrest the leadership first. I do not rule out that it was he who used the money that he earned on “nudism” to create a system with the help of friends from the West,” writes anonymous. 

According to our anonymous source, the wave of arrests is growing every day. Among the detainees are people of various professions and ranks. There are even priests. On July 15th this year, a trial will take place in the case of former San Mateo County official Stuart Forrest, accused of possessing and distributing child pornography from Azov Films. Forrest resigned from his post in December 2012 following the charges against him. The ex-official faces 4 years in prison. 

A former teacher and sports coach at LaSalle High School in St. Ignace, Michigan, has been arrested and is awaiting trial for the same act. Jorge Zukoski, a former Delaware County school Principal from Pennsylvania, also pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography by Azov Films. The latter was identified through the website of a porn company, where he made “purchases” from 2008 to 2011. During a search of his home, the police found numerous CDs and DVDs, as well as two flash drives that contained images and videos of Crimean children in explicit sexual positions. 

The school Principal faces 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Caught on child pornography “Azov” was the leader of the Boy Scouts in southwestern Indiana – Ryan Beyler. He not only watched and bought child pornography on the Azov Films websites, but also brought what he thought featured young boy scouts. In addition, a diary was found in Beyler’s house, in which he described his sexual attraction to specific boys from the Detachment entrusted to him. 

And finally, a glaring case. A few months ago, police arrested Bill Nowen, an 82-year-old Catholic priest from Alabama, who also made “purchases” on Azov Films websites. The priest’s lawyer at the trial spoke about the difficult childhood of the client: they say, his parents sent him to an orphanage, and there he became a victim of a paedophile, and on and on. However, despite a demand for “acquittal”, the court sentenced Nowen to five years in prison! 

An anonymous source said that many of the arrests were due to a special operation carried out by the FBI. American law enforcement officers had to go to extremes to catch paedophiles: the FBI distributed on the Internet … child pornography. As early as November 16, 2012, during a raid, FBI officers covered a porn site that posted photos and videos with scenes of child abuse. 

However, law enforcement officers were in no hurry to eliminate the resource, and it continued to work for another two weeks! For 14 days, intelligence officers tracked all visitors to the site and even actively corresponded with them. It would seem, horror! However, on the other hand, by playing the role of child rapists, FBI agents were able to identify thousands of perverts, including clients of Azov Films! 

Russian Language Article: 

Педофилы из Azov Films: Зверозуб сел, сообщники — сядут 

Итальянская прокуратура проверяет киевского PR-щика, обвиняемого во взломе сайта Партии регионов, на причастность к детскому порно 

Азов в годы войны//Бурлака В.О. Азов – город с тысячелетней историей /В.О. Бурлака. – Азов, 2005. – С.259-261. 

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