Russian ‘Demining’ – Berdyansk Port Explosion! (3.6.2022)

Liberated Port of Berdyansk, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, South-East Ukraine, Northern Coast – Sea of Azov, (Northern Black Sea) – Being ‘Demined’ By Russian Forces!

Yesterday’s (2.6.2022) explosion in the Port of Berdyansk and the amazing reaction of the local Ukrainian population enjoying a day out on the beach whilst Russia ‘De-Nazifies’ their country for them!

The Same Event From a Different Angle!

The Ukrainian Neo-Nazis mined their own ports using Western-supplied weaponry which the Russian Forces are easily detecting and harmlessly disarming. Demining.

Exact Moment of ‘Demining’!

Вчерашний взрыв в порту Бердянска и удивительная реакция местного населения.


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