DPR: People’s Militia Use of Civilian Vehicles! (4.6.2022)

People From All Over Russia and the World Donate Money to Transform Civilian Transport into Military Vehicles!

Many combat theatres in the world today, involve small groups of well-armed infantry travelling long distances over land and in very quick time – deploying here and there to fight battles before moving on! This happens when the threat from air-attack is minimal or non-existent.

Generally speaking, rugged transport is needed such as commercial trucks, Jeeps, Range Rovers, SUVs or various other such designs. However, there is a lack of this kind of Western-made vehicle (seen deployed by the US for use by the Islamo-Fascist groups that NATO supports around the world) in the Donbass area and so local vehicles – or donated vehicles from Russia or elsewhere – are modified and converted to form lightweight but sturdy transport vehicles for carrying well-armed infantry units with specific tasks to perform!


Отчеты по части транспортных средств, которые МОО Вече передала за время СВО защитникам Донбасса. Всего, с начала Спецоперации наша организация МОО Вече передала более 12 единиц транспорта.

В транспорте такого типа большой недостаток, поэтому просим помочь всех, кто может. Готовы забрать в России. Для тех, кто готов помочь финансово – реквизиты и наши контакты по ссылке – https://t.me/MOOVeche/608

От юридических лиц мы можем принять транспорт в дар, оформив соотвествующие документы на МОО Вече. Контакт: +79060372855 телеграм @Ispanecw

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