Ukraine: The Price of Being ‘European’! (26.5.2022)

Due to US, UK and EU Sanctions Against Russia, People Are Suffering in Ukraine!

Salt and sugar has disappeared in stores across the Ukraine (except the Russian controlled Donbass)! I went to the nearest supermarkets all around Kyiv, and there is no salt or sugar at all!

The Western Sanctions Are So Poorly Though Out and Applied that they Are Hurting Everyone Except Russia!

There is no petrol, no salt and no sugar! – Zelensky is still presented in the West as a Christ-like figure and yet we Ukrainians are going the right way toward total destruction – and it is entirely self-imposed!

Соль пропала в магазинах, это полный ппц! Зашёл в ближайшие супермаркеты, а там нет соли вообще. Бензина нема, соли нема – правильной дорогой идём!


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