When Gays Support Nazis! (19.5.2022)

This Person is Singing in Praise of the Ukrainian Catholic (and Mass Killer) Stepan Bandera!

Since the collapse of Communism and the re-emergence of the Russian Orthodox Church as a political front-runner – homophobia has spread through Russia like wildfire so that today it is common in all strata of society and considered a historical reality! The Russian view is that it is the product of an unmanly and effeminate West that is seeking to infiltrate Russia with its decadence! The Church fuels this viewpoint by continuously pointing out that the Bible states that Adam and Eve (man and woman) brought forward life (ignoring evolution)! In Socialist times, it was thought that gayness emerged from the division of labour and the class antagonism and contradictions that define the capitalist system. It is a form of highly decadent and unnatural individuality that is so inverted that it contradicts biological reality! Although Hitler’s SS engaged in homosexuality rape and abuse, Hitler had gay individuals who engaged in monogamous relationships sent to the Death Camps – with ironically the Soviet Red Army eventually freeing those who survived! Stepan Bandera was a Ukrainian Nazi during WWII who killed around 300,000 men, women and children in the Ukraine between 1941-1943 – with Churchill granting him political asylum in the West! In 1959 he was assassinated by the NKVD for his crimes! Just why so many elements of the LGBTQN+ community openly support the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis is something of a mystery as it does their cause no favours within Russia!

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