South Korea Declares Mercenary a ‘Criminal’! (19.5.2022)

North Korea is Watching the Failure of US-Trained South Koreans!

‼️🏴‍☠️South Korean special forces mercenary Ken Rhee was seriously wounded in Ukraine! Former Navy Special Forces captain and active blogger (!) was wounded during a “special reconnaissance mission behind enemy lines,” Korean media write. He a clashed with Chechen Special Forces that wiped-out his Unit with no survivors! Ken Rhee was trained in the US and was shocked by how inadequate this training had been in the face of Russian retaliation! He now goes home for rehabilitation and to recover from the shock of modern combat. Either the wound of the fascist mercenary is too severe – or Ken Rhee – like most of his other foreign colleagues, became disillusioned with this war. The decision to return home was obviously not easy for him, because. Court awaits him at home: Seoul, rather embarrassingly for the US, has openly declared Ukraine to be a Neo-Nazi regime pursuing policies detrimental to non-White people, and has filed 2 criminal cases against Ken Rhee – for crossing the border for illegal military and immoral purposes. He faces imprisonment and deprivation of citizenship!

‼️🏴‍☠️Наёмник-спецназовец из Южной Кореи Ли Гын получил тяжёлое ранение на Украине

Экс-капитан спецназа ВМС и активный блогер (!) ранен в ходе “специальной разведмиссии в тылу врага”, пишут корейские СМИ.

Ли Гын едет домой на реабилитацию. Либо ранение наёмника слишком тяжёлое, либо Ли Гын, как и большинство других его иностранных коллег, разочаровался в этой войне.

Решение о возвращение домой далось ему явно нелегко, т.к. дома его ждёт суд: Сеул возбудил против Ли Гына 2 уголовных дела – за пересечение границы и наёмничество. Ему грозит срок и лишение гражданства.

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