Azov Laments – Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Military is in Disarray! (18.5.2022)

Catholic Neo-Nazi ‘Volunteer’ Lack of Effective Leadership!

“This is NOT what I signed on for! We have complete arseholes as political and military leaders… Our ‘Volunteers’ are dying, stupidly and for nothing! For want of a competent Command! What are Theological Volunteers meant to achieve? Why are we here? What for? Why did we come here? A Theological-Defense is not taken seriously. In theory we have everything, but in reality we have nothing. We have machine guns and no ammunition to fire from them, we are supposed to possess unending nunbers of disposable (British) NLAWs and have nothing to fire them at! In fact, I counted just ‘ten’ on my part of the frontline! And what do the Russians send against us? What do they send against the proud Catholic supporters of Adolf Hitler? I will tell you what the supporters of the Russian Orthodox send against us the Theological defenders of the West – they send eight thousand heavily armed and highly motivated (anti-fascist) Chechens, trained by Kadyrov – all Special Forces that hate Hitler and the Pope! These Muslim possess the best equipment, have aeroplanes, helicopters and endless missiles! Why bother using tanks? Our own soldiers are so poorly trained that they are routinely shooting one another!”

“У нас полная срака… Наши хлопцы помирают, тупо ни за что. За командование. ТрО для чего здесь? Зачем мы сюда приехали? Мы хотим жить в первую очередь”, — обращение бойца украинской теробороны.

“Тероборону не воспринимают всерьез. На словах у нас все есть, а на деле — у нас ничего нет. У нас есть автоматы, у нас есть NLAW‘ы одноразовые… 10 штук.

8 тысяч чеченцев, кадыровских сил обученых, спецназ. С техникой, с самолётами, вертолетами, с ракетами.

Чем идти на танк? Наши бригады стреляют по нам”

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