Ukraine: What Zelensky’s SBU Does to Anti-Fascists! (18.5.2022)

Anti-Fascist Protestor -🎖Chernukha Vlad (Чернуха Влад) – Born 1991 -Tortured to Death 2022 (Kyiv)!

My Comrades (Russian and Ukrainian) forward important information to share with the Anti-Fascist and Anti-Nazi Network that a) pre-existed Russia’s ‘Special Operation’ to de-Nazi Ukraine, and b) which has grown tremendously even in the face of Western governments and news networks ‘officially’ supporting the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi regime that illegally ‘seized’ power (with US collusion) during early 2014 – and generating ‘false’ propaganda against Russia!

Anti-Fascist Protestor -🎖Kobyakov Alexey (Кобяков Алексей) – Born 1991 -Tortured to Death 2022 (Kyiv)!

The three-young men featured here, (all in their late twenties or early thirties) – were recently ‘arrested’ by Zelensky’s SBU (assisted by ‘foreign’ Intelligence Agencies), systematically ‘deprived’ of their legal and Human Rights, suffered extensive psychological, emotional and physical ‘torture’ – and were then each despatched via a single shot delivered to the base (of the back) of the neck (‘SS’ style) by the same Counter-Intelligence Officers – who had been responsible for their torture from ‘arrest’ to ‘murder’!

Anti-Fascist Protestor – Vasily Stogniy (Василий Стогний) – Born 95 – Tortured to Death 2022 (Kyiv)!

I will not stand for this! In the future our descendants will look back to this time and ‘judge’ us – their ancestors – on the moral decisions and ethical judgements we made in the face of extreme governmental and media pressure to ‘normalise’ Ukrainian Neo-Nazism! I say NO! We must, as a ‘Collective’ stand tall and bravely face the batons, prison cells and bullets! Why not – many others have gone before us and they did this for the freedoms we enjoy today! It is our moral duty to resist Neo-Nazism with every ounce of strength our minds and bodies possess! Thank you ‘Vlad’, ‘Alexy’ and ‘Stogniy’ – we love you!

We Must All Unite Around the Red Flag of Freedom!

Original Article:

🟥ZELENSKY’S BEASTS🟥 Three members of the anti-fascist movement “Patriots for Life” 🎖Chernukha Vlad, born 91, 🎖Kobyakov Alexey, born 91 🎖Vasily Stogniy, born 95 Tortured and executed by counterintelligence officers of Ukraine! They were in Kyiv and at the end of February they lost contact, as they were detained by the SBU. They were tortured, and later they were brutally shot in the head by the same counterintelligence officers – said Ilya Kiva. For all our skepticism towards Kiva, he really was in opposition to the Nazi Zelensky, and people gathered around him who defended our values. According to our information, these are not the only victims of the murderers. The cannibalistic regime of Zelensky organized death squads that systematically destroy dissident citizens of Ukraine. The victims number in the thousands. Eternal memory to the fallen heroes! @OpenUkraine


Троих членов антифашисткого движения  «Патриоты за Жизнь» 

🎖Чернуха Влад 91 г.р., 

🎖Кобяков Алексей 91 г.р. 

🎖Василий Стогний 95г.р.

Пытали и казнили сотрудники контрразведки Украины! Они находились в Киеве и в конце февраля с ними пропала связь, так как они были задержаны сотрудниками СБУ. Их пытали, а позже они были зверски застрелены в голову теми же контрразведчиками – заявил Илья Кива 

При всем нашем скептичном отношении к Киве, он действительно был в оппозиции к нацисту Зеленскому, а вокруг него собрались люди, которые отстаивали наши ценности. 

По нашей информации, это не единственные жертвы душегубов. Людоедский режим Зеленского организовал эскадроны смерти, которые систематично уничтожают инакомыслящих граждан Украины. Жертвы исчисляются тысячами.

Вечная память погибшим героям!


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