Posters: Ukrainian ‘Maidan’ (Neo-Nazi) State – PROSCRIBED!

The Ukrainian ‘Maidan’ (Neo-Nazi) State is a Direct Descendent of Hitler’s Nazi Germany (1933-1945)
Modern Russia Draws Upon its ‘Soviet’ Past in the Battle Against Contemporary Ukrainian Neo-Nazism!

Those in the West who have not lost their minds – are holding-out (and ‘resisting’) Tory propaganda that we – as a country that once ‘stood-up’ to Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Fascist Italy – must now support the political descendants of this far-right ideology as if WWII never happened, and Britain never stood with the USSR between 1941-1945! The UK’s ‘privatised’ (Academy) Schools are currently teaching British young children that Ukrainian Neo-Nazism is now the epitome of ‘human freedom’ – whilst Russia’s military action is nothing less than a ‘crime’ committed by an unruly State with a shady past! In the meantime, just as Winston Churchill resettled 10,000 Ukrainian members of the ‘SS’ after WWII in Scotland – Boris Johnson thinks he is doing something similar by ‘forcing’ upon the British population tens of thousands of Ukrainian ‘Neo-Nazi’ War Criminals disguised as ‘refugees’! Of course, this edict has emanated from the White House and is a prime example of US anti-intellectualism at its best! We – as the ‘People’ – must now now ‘accept’ the idea that our schools and our communities have been compromised by Ukrainian Neo-Nazism – and according to the Tory government (and the BBC) there is NOTHING we can do about! But there is something we can do about – we can exercise ‘freedom of thought’ – and refuse to accept it without a fight!

The Our ‘Cyrillic’ Readers!

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