Azov Male Choir Invited to Royal Albert Hall! (17.5.2022)

An Harmonious Blend of Base and Trebble!

Volunteers of the Hitlerite ‘Azov’ Battalion – Choir Section – have been declared the winners of the upcoming series of X Factor without even entering!

Spokespeople for ITV have declared, through a number of statements, that Neo-Nazi Ukraine is a hotbed of talent (referencing that county’s victory during the recent Eurovision), and reiterated that it is the ‘will’ of the British Prime Minister – Boris Johnson – that all Ukrainian efforts be recognised, publicly applauded, and lifted-up above the obvious propaganda emanating from the Russian Federation that it is somehow engaged in an anti-fascist operation in Donbass – when it is obvious to the entire watching world who the ‘true’ fascists are! He added that the wearing of historical German tattoos by some Ukrainian men and women is a matter of personal choice – a concept ‘denied’ to the Russian people through 74 years of Soviet Dictatorship! Following on after delivering this speech – 10 Downing Street issued an ‘official’ invite from the Queen – encouraging members of the ‘Azov Male Choir’ to perform a selection of their songs at the Royal Albert Hall as a means of eradicating the shame of eulogising the Soviet Red Army in this most hallowed of places during 1943 – a time when the Ukraine was experiencing the second year of its ‘Independence’ under Adolf Hitler’s gentle embrace!

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