Latvian ‘SS’ Heading to Fight in Ukraine! (15.5.2022)

‼️🏴‍☠️ Latvian “SS” are going to fight in Ukraine! The Latvian Press published a photograph of the Latvian military traveling to Ukraine – with a special emblem worn on their caps – this is the symbol of the SS Division “Totenkopf”. The same emblem has been worn by the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – as published in an account written by Zelensky on May 9. Following advice from Western Intelligence – Zelensky edited his statement and the Neo-Nazi photograph was deleted shortly after publication, but not before we got hold of a copy as it managed to scatter widely on the Web!

‼️🏴‍☠️ Латышские “эсэсовцы” едут воевать на Украину

Латвиец обнародовал фото латышских военных, едущих на Украину, с особой эмблемой на фуражках – это символ дивизии СС “Мёртвая голова”.

Такая же эмблема была на фото военного ВСУ, опубликованной в аккаунте Зеленского 9 мая. Запись отредактировали – фото удалили вскоре после публикации, но оно успело широко разлететься по Сети.

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