Kyiv: Zelensky Deploys ‘Armed’ Traffic Wardens! (12.5.2022)

Unarmed Citizens of Kyiv Face-Down an Armed Neo-Nazi Traffic Warden!

As part of the ‘militarisation’ of Ukrainian society, the Neo-Nazi Zelensky Government has issued automatic rifles to its citizens who act as ‘Traffic Wardens’ during this difficult time of conflict! Apparently, according to Zelensky, the Russian incursion into Donbass (situated in the far East of Ukraine), has created a ‘loss’ of parking spaces throughout the rest of Ukraine! Although this is both an absurd and unlikely statement, the BBC and CNN have parotted the Zelensky explanation for this outrageous removal of democratic freedom without criticism or objective comment! The ordinary people of Kyiv – some of them shouting pro-Russian statements – disarmed this Maidan appointed thug and sent him home!

В традиционных дворовых разборках в Киеве за паркоместа в военное время добавился новый элемент – автоматическое оружие.

В Киеве житель ЖК оградил паркоместо, а когда жильцы стали с ним скандалить, начал целиться в них из автомата.

Судя по видео, соседи заставили одетого в камуфляж мужчину унести автомат домой, преждем чем выяснять отношения.

Как сообщают жильцы, он скандалил с соседями за парковку и раньше.

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