Rome: Pope Meets & ‘Blesses’ Wives of Azov Neo-Nazi Criminals! (11.5.2022)

Pope States ‘World is Behind Neo-Nazi Ukraine’ !

A selection of photographs taken in and around the Vatican: the wives of leading Neo-Nazis ‘Volunteers’ from the Azov Battalion are visiting Rome today in an all expenses paid trip funded by the EU! These women are married to rapists, paedophiles and murderers who worship the life and ideology of Adolf Hitler! The pictures captured here, record this historic meeting before, during, and after the women met with the Pope amongst heightened security. Of course, such a meeting (and such a message of reassurance) is not surprising as the Vatican has a long history of supporting fascism and paedophilia around the world! This is a new production project, however, by Petr Verzilov – the same man who created Pussy Riot!

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