Gdansk: Polish Neo-Nazis Desecrate Remembrance of Soviet Heroes! (9.5.2022)

🤬 Now also in Warsaw, the Pshetsk-Bandera Nazis “distinguished themselves” by initiating attacks and provocations in the name of the US, UK and EU! In Gdansk, a herd of rabid adherents of Neo-Nazism greeted the Russian delegation with chants and provocations – when they arrived at the cemetery where Soviet Red Army liberators, prisoners of war, and civilians are buried – to pay their respects to the 41 million Soviet men, women and children murdered by the Nazi German regime and its allies! Judging by the number of “journalists”, the Nazi “impreza” was prepared in advance for a beautiful Russo-phobic picture. Poland has reverted to its re-1939 status of a ‘Nazi Reich’ – which was loyal to Hitler before he ‘betrayed’ that trust – following in the footsteps of one notorious Ukrainians! Both countries, of course, are united in their support for the Roman Catholic Church which has always supported fascism and Neo-Nazism and which has never repented this policy or its past of openly assisting Hitlerite War Criminals!

🤬Не только в Варшаве пшецко-бандеровские нацисты «отличились» нападениями и провокациями.

В Гданьске табун бешеных адептов неонацизма встретил кричалками и провокациями российскую делегацию, приехавшую на кладбище, где похоронены советские воины-освободители, военнопленные, гражданские лица.

Судя по количеству «журналистов», нацистская «импрэза» готовилась заранее для красивой русофобской картинки. Тот случай, когда Польша на сверхзвуковой скорости превращается в эталонный нацистский рейх по стопам одной небезызвестной Украины.

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