Dudley Heslop (Author) – The Story of Hanover Parish! (5.5.2022)

A Very Good Scholarly Work!

Today, both myself and Gee had the privilege to meet (and share a car-ride with) Mr Dudley Heslop – who spent a number of years in the libraries around London researching a book about ‘Slavery’ in Jamaica – the land of his ancestors! Although both of us have had friends from the many islands that comprise the West Indies – neither one of us has had the honour of visiting these places as of yet!

The Lay-out and Planning is Meticulous!

It is important to see the history of African-Caribbean people compiled not by the Europeans who made their lives such a misery – but rather by the victims of British imperialism themselves who possess intelligence and embody a living ‘Black’ history that the ‘White’ population would rather we forget as a nation – even though Eurocentric racism is a living reality for many of us! Furthermore, as our daughters are experiencing a progressive education – the contents of this book will be an important factor in their learning experience!

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