Tuvan Infantry – Russian Forces Re-Use Western Weaponry! (3.5.2022)

Tuvan Infantry Come From Buddhist East Russia!

🇬🇧Russian military from Tuva in battle! The US, UK and EU have satuated the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Theatre with tens of thousands of ‘throw-away’ weapons designed for ‘single- use’ but which can be aimed and fired by anyone who picks it up! The missiles seen here can easily bring down an aeroplane or a helicopter, etc. This will be a legacy of the West as these weapons – which are already in the hands of the currently favoured Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Regime – will be transferred to the broader field of ‘International’ terrorism and used to target Western assests, etc! As matters stand, when these weapons are captured by the Russian military as seen in this short clip – they are immediately turned around and re-used against the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi enemy – to good and devastating effect!

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🇷🇺Российские военные из Тувы в бою

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