Dedicated to the Old Man and Woman Who Held Up the Red Flag! (2.5.2022)

An Old Man and Woman Held Up the Red Flag Thinking the Russian Army had Liberated Them! Instead It Was the Azov Neo-Nazi Battalion Who Humiliated the Old Couple and Destroyed the Flag!

Without tears, you really can’t look at that video of how the Armed Forces of Ukraine humiliate a simple, powerless old woman with a flag. So granny, you have more spirit and pride than the entire Ukrainian army! Dedicated to you!

Без слёз действительно не взглянуть на то видео, как ВСУ унижают простую бессильную старушку с флагом. Так вот бабуля, духа и гордости у тебя больше, чем у всей украинской армии! Тебе посвящается!

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