The Importance of ‘Internationalism’ on International Workers’ Day! (1.5.2022)

We Cannot Be on the May Day March Through London Today – But We Love You All!

Genuine ‘internationalism’ recognises the unity of the working-class across the world! Wherever you are, man, woman or child, rich or poor, able or disabled, gay or straight, ill or healthy – you are ALL our brothers sisters! We must reject the brutal and vicious capitalist system and the bourgeois ‘nationalism’ it spawns! Bourgeois ‘nationalism’ categorises us all into competing ‘Nation States’ which are breeding grounds that separate us all into competing and mutually ‘hating’ individuals entities! Communist China offers a rejection of this system to the world – but this ‘Socialist’ message it is sullied in the West by the continuous racism deliberately generated by the ‘national’ governments which although are changed every five-years – still continue to bleat the same anti-China message! China is an existential threat to bourgeois ‘nationalism’ because it operates from the Socialist (Communist) perspective of ‘internationalism’! The Western (capitalist) countries act together to expertly use racism to (falsely) convince the ‘White’ working-class to think that the ‘Chinese’ section of the working-class has nothing in common with them! The Tory and Democratic governments of the UK and US follow the idea prevalent during imperialist times that the Chinese people are racially ‘inferior’ and culturally ‘backward’! The work of Joseph Needham proved both of these assumptions to be completely wrong!

We, as ‘workers’, must set aside these purely fabricated shams of ‘difference’ forced upon us by the bourgeoisie! We must ‘ignore’, and ‘expose’ the stupidity of the bourgeoisie and all its injustice, racism and hypocrisy! The West not only disparages Communist China today – but also disparaged Czarist Russia, Soviet Russia and now ‘modern’ Russia! Although the Slavs contributed greatly to the development and progression of Western culture, society and politic expression – those ‘Vikings’ which migrated to what is today ‘Russia’ – ‘mixed’ and produced ‘off-spring’ with the indigenous (Asian) population and the ‘White’ power-houses of Western Europe have never forgiven the ‘Vikings’ for doing this! This racist understanding is indignant that the ‘Vikings’ allowed ‘non-White’ blood into the ‘pure’ bloodline of Europe! Of course, all this thinking stems from 19th century German philosophers who laid the foundations for the ‘fascist’ ideologies which would dominate the 20th century and still continue to dominate the 21st century! Today, the West is supporting Neo-Nazi in the the Ukraine – a left-over from the West saturating the post-Soviet space with with extremist religion and far-right pollical theories! Although 41 million Soviet men, women and children were murdered by the Nazi Germans (and their allies) between 1941-1945 – the youth of the post-Soviet space from 1991 to 2000 – were brainwashed into supporting and advocating the very Hitlerite ideology that had been used by the Nazi Germans to murder their grandparents! Today, there is a prevalence of mental illness in the West which sees the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian State as being a ‘freedom fighting’ entity confronting Russian aggression for the benefit of all of humanity! The reality is the exact opposite, as Russia is performing exactly the same task as it did in the 1930s and 1940s – and is confronting the distorted thinking of Adolf Hitler! Once Again, Russian people are dying for the benefit of humanity and Britain is very much on the wrong side!

Trotskyism is very much the enemy of the people! It is a deceptive ideology designed to appeal to (and harness) the working-class mentality of preferring ‘collectivism’ and ‘self-determination’ – which is then used to direct the working-class away from ‘Marxist-Leninist’ Revolution and firmly back to the cold embrace of predatory capitalism! Trotskyism pretends to be ‘Revolutionary’ but is in fact ‘Counter-Revolution’ and ‘Reaction’ in disguise! (As fully explained by MJ Olgin in 1935). Trotsky, who was expelled from the USSR in 1929 for his deluded thinking, fully aligned that thinking with the bourgeois West between 1929-1940 – eleven years that did untold damage to the international working-class! In 1938, whilst declaring his fallacious ‘Fourth International’ – Trotsky called upon his supporters to join-in with and support any ‘fascist’ attack upon the USSR! Trotsky also called upon Soviet Citizens to carry-out acts of terrorism aimed at the Soviet State! Trotsky’s anti-China racism is well-known, but in reality he was thoroughly ‘Eurocentric’ in attitude! This explains why the political ‘left’ in the UK (and elsewhere), is riddled with anti-China and other types of ‘White’ generated racism! The Bourgeois State utilises Trotskyism as a form of ‘divide and conquer’ so that Black and Asians turn upon one another (a process which sees the ‘Whites’ stand back and laugh whilst admiring their handiwork) – or ‘unite’ with the ‘Whites’ against the designated ‘target’ ethnic group of the moment! It is not uncommon within British leftist groups to see ‘White’ working-class culture being emphasised (as if it were ‘superior’ in its ignorance) and ‘internationalism’ – the very point of today’s celebration – to be ‘ignored’ altogether! I personally experienced this bias when I wrote for the ‘Culture Matters’ initiative – which should be renamed ‘White Culture Matters’! Although the British ‘left’ puts great stock in the historical fight against ‘racism’ – the fact remains that the very same contemporary ‘left’ is riddled with Eurocentric (White) racism which is often ‘internalised’ even by many Black and Asians activists! We cannot ‘unite’ with the Chinese Proletariat if the British Proletariat is actively collaborating with the British Bourgeois State, as it is deliberately encouraging and perpetuating anti-China racist attitudes – whilst hiding behind a thin veneer of ‘historical’ anti-fascist activism! Puerile photographs of different ethnicities ‘holding-hands’ means nothing whilst bourgeois anti-China racism is not confronted in the external socio-cultural and political space! Anti-racism in the mind is NOT anti-racism in the body or environment!

The British Proletariat Must Stop Collaborating with the Bourgeois State!

Solidarity is a vitally important element within working-class political culture! Bourgeois law, as Marx often stated, is unfair, corrupt, self-serving and designed to maximise profit through exploitation! Sometimes it is well-known that an unjust law must be broken to progress society and build justice and equality amongst the people! Most of the poorest and most vulnerable people within society suffer terribly from the oppressive nature of bourgeois law! These are our people – our brothers and sisters – which are viewed as ‘scum’ by the Bourgeois State just because they happen to in distress of some kind! The Bourgeois State punishes these people for requiring help – whilst providing the worst kind of assistance possible! The British ‘left’ always re-states the rhetoric that it fights for the justice of everyone – but the reality is that those truly in need are failed just as much by the ‘left’ as they are by the ‘right’! Most of those in dire need are left to die or fade away in all the dark and damp lonely corners of the British Isles – whilst the selfish and the hateful argue how best to dispose of their bodies! This is why I say that for many on the ‘left’ there is no genuine compassion for ALL members of the Proletariat! Every worker is valuable whether bed-ridden through illness or disability or a jet-pilot! This also applies to the situation of when members of the Proletariat are attacked and oppressed by the Bourgeois State! As matters stand, the so-called British ‘left’ backs away and leaves such victims to their own devices! We, the workers, are abandoned by the very leftist organisations that take our membership subscriptions and claim to represent us! Although this happens to hundreds of thousands of workers all the time in the UK – the case of Aravindan Balakrishnan (1940-2022) is a classic example! An Asian man who was very vocal on the Maoist ‘left’ in the UK from the 1960s onwards (a highly effective working-class leader) – was completely abandoned by the British ‘left’ when he, his family and supporters were arrested in 2013 and subjected to all kinds of violations and indignities! He was finally imprisoned for 22-years in 2016 – when most on the British ‘left’ just sat-back and accepted the story concocted by the British Bourgeois State! Comrade Bala sadly passed-away recently in his 82nd year whilst sat in a British prison cell – with a deafening ‘silence’ emanating from the British ‘left’! This episode was a disgusting example of the racism and hypocrisy on the British ‘left’! Another example of racism on the British ‘left’ involved my ethnic Chinese partner – Gee – and our two daughters, all of whom were racially abused by Labour Party supporters (under Jeremy Corbyn) during a so-called ‘Anti-Fascist’ March in London! Whilst White people were busy patting themselves on the back about how ‘anti-racist’ they are – their colleagues were busy perpetuating anti-Chinese racism literally within feet of Union placards condemning racism! We must fight for a better world and the fight must start with each new moment!

Long Live Comrade Bala!

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