Donbass: The Peoples Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk Are Secure! (1.5.2022) 

Flag of the LPR (Background) – Flag of DPR (Fore-Ground)! Kai-Lin (Left) and Mei-An (Right)

We managed to acquire a Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) flag in the UK via the internet around five-years ago! I had asked my Comrades in Donetsk – but as they were living in a state of siege (and were being militarily attacked by the Neo-Nazi ‘Punitive’ Battalions sent from Kyiv) – all supplies (including flags) were thin on the ground! As for the flag of the People’s Republic of Lugansk – none were available in Lugansk or the West! My mother – Diane Wyles – contacted a flag-maker in the UK who agreed to work from a photographic blue-print and ‘recreate’ the flag for us! At the time there were a number of variations but Lugansk appears to have adopted the design that we used – utilising the ‘Soviet’ Red Star in the centre! The West put the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ in power during early 2014 and has been working with this illegal (Kyiv) Junta ever since to destroy the two People’s Republics that have refused to bend to the neo-imperialism of the US – and have followed their Soviet grandfather’s in resisting all forms of fascism! We have stood by Lugansk and Donetsk ever since their inceptions during early 2014! We have carried their flags in marches and translated their Russian-language blogs into English as a means to break the Western ‘silence’ regarding the War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity committed against the people of Donbass by a fascistic Ukrainian Army and a number of maniacal Neo-Nazi ‘Punishment’ Battalions all financed, armed and trained in the West! The Neo-Nazi Battalions are comprised mostly of ‘Volunteers’ gathered from all the White Supremacy Movements of the world! The use of ‘fascism’ by the US to further its predatory capitalist aims has happened since the end of WWII throughout South America, and in Afghanistan in the 1970s!  

During the latter example, the people of Afghanistan had democratically elected a ‘Socialist’ government which the US strove to usurp and over throw. They did this by converting outlaying tribal groups. These people were illiterate and ignorant – but US ‘Advisors’ used the Afghan language to teach these people how to misinterpret the Qur’an and place a far-right veneer throughout their theology! Through a mixture of coercion, corruption, threats and violence, these people formed the basis of what would become known as ‘Islamo-fascism! As a US-backed and controlled far-right ideological movement – these people have murdered tens of thousands around the world– but obviously have never attack Israel (a stout US ally). America thought that it could expand the EU and NATO right up to the borders of Russia – although plans captured by the Russians in Donbass demonstrate that the US was planning a massive military offensive using the Ukrainian Army to invade and crush Donbass. More than this, however, but the Ukrainian were planning the invasion and occupation of substantial parts of West Russia! This data shows that President Putin was correct to unleash the ‘Special Operation’ as a pre-emptive strike! After-all, when Zionist Israel continuously violates international law and carries=out what its leaders refer to as ‘pre-emptive strikes’ – no matter how cynical, murderous or illegal these military actions are – the US leads the world in thunderous applause! Then, hypocritical (Zionist) Israel fails to back and support Russia’s fight against US-backed fascism and Neo-Nazism! Once again, Russian soldiers are fighting and dying fighting the descendants of Hitler so that Jews (and other vulnerable groups) may live!  

A Flag Demonstrating the Lineage of Marxist-Leninism!
How It All Began!

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