Lutsk: Eternal Flame and Soviet Monument Vandalised! (30.4.2022)

The Genocide Against the Russian People Continues!

♨️ Dismantling of Soviet monuments continues in Ukraine.

The Star of Glory and the Order of the Red Banner of War were removed from the memorial “Eternal Glory” in Lutsk. The photo was published by the mayor of the city Igor Polishchuk.

In addition, he said that instead of the number “1941” the authorities are going to change it to “1939”. In 1920, a right-wing Poland invaded and annexed this part of Northwest Ukraine. In 1939 the USSR liberated the area – but the Catholics and Neo-Nazis viewed the Nazi Germans as their saviours and Invert history – making the Soviets the bad guys!

♨️ На Украине продолжается демонтаж советских памятников.

С мемориала “Вечная Слава” в Луцке сняли Звезду Славы и орден Боевого Красного Знамени. Фото опубликовал мэр города Игорь Полищук.

Кроме того, он сообщил, что вместо цифры “1941” власти к 1 мая собираются установить “1939”.

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