The Dysfunctional Homosexuality of the Azov Battalion! (29.4.2022)

The capitalist governments of the West, (that is principally the US, UK and Germany), deliberately, and with malice of fore-thought, embarked upon a vicious post-1991 campaign of projecting far-right (Hitlerite) ideology and intolerant Protestant and Catholic theology into the post-Soviet and Communist space! This geographical space included what was once the USSR and the Communist Bloc (two distinct structures), the former of which existed between 1917-1991 as the Soviet Union, and the later (various Eastern European ‘Liberated’ countries) from 1945-1991! Although a handful of smaller countries continued for a number of years attempting to stay true to the Marxist-Leninist path, most eventually succumbed to the international pressure to give-up their ‘internationalism’! Even ‘Communist’ Mongolia, which had no reason to change its social system – eventually gave into US-pressure and voluntarily allowed the working-class to be ousted from controlling the means of production! Furthermore, the nascent bourgeoisie in Russia, (a sort of ‘pseudo-middle-class’) allowed the West to attack the minds and bodies of the Russian people with all kinds of obscene experiments in uprooting Socialism! Of course, the first proper massacre of the 20th century (outside the imagination of the West) occurred in late 1993, when the Russian people rose-up (supported by elements of the Red Army) around the Russian Parliament in Moscow during an attempt to restore the Socialist System – but the ‘new’ Russian capitalist State murdered around 10,000 people with very little comment from the West!  

Although Putin turned the tide of Western-generated fascism and religiosity within the boundaries of Russia from 2000 onwards – he possessed no authority to do the same in the Ukraine – and so the Hitlerite indoctrination (and the Catholic take-over) continued a pace in that former part of the USSR! This culminated in the Obama Administration (from 2013 onwards) generating direct links between the US and the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) – guaranteeing that the AFU would either directly support (or not prevent) the illegal seizure of political power by the far-right ‘Euro-Maidan’ terrorist group which was lurking in the shadows! Although this Hitlerite group of lunatics could not fight or win a democratic election – the US assisted in the recruitment of far-right thugs from throughout the White Supremacy movements across the world – to form a ‘heavily’ armed Hitlerite faction of the ‘Maidan’, which took control of government buildings, took elected politicians’ hostage and murdered others! This is how the US Obama Administration (headed by a ‘Black’ man) financed, armed and co-ordinated the ‘illegal’ usurpation of power by the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ and sent the democratically (pro-Russian) government into exile! The men and women of the ‘Maidan’ had been educated in the ‘Azov’ Summer Camps which saw children aged between 5-16-years-old (during the 1990s) taken away from their parents and indoctrinated with the thinking of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ in preparation for an ‘anti-Russian’ coup!

Although women do sometimes join the AFU – and even fight in the Hitlerite Battalions – this is a left-over from the effects of Soviet Socialism and the idea that men and women are ‘equal’ and has nothing to do with Hitlerism. Hitler believed that women should remain at home, look after all the needs of their husbands and breed children to serve as soldiers in the Reich! The ‘Maidan’ would like to put an end to women joining the AFU and the fascist units – but they must take one Hitlerite step at a time! Women fighting for the time-being serves an important propaganda purpose acting as a smokescreen to the radical re-orientation of Ukrainian society! Whilst women are losing their rights throughout ‘Maidan’ – women can use their bodies to stop a Russian bullet just as easily as a man! As older and more dominant SS Officers in Hitler’s military routinely ‘raped’ the younger male recruits that came into their sphere of influence – the use of children and young men in the Azov, (Aidar, Dniepr-1 and Lugansk-1, etc), follows exactly the same course with the phallic symbol of ‘Perun’ (a ‘Black’ erect penis) forming the iconic basis for this paedophilic abuse! Although young girls are virtually ‘ignored’ in these schools and military training colleges – the ‘Maidan’ version of the ‘SS’ sees young boys at special ‘Azov’ Summer Camps which are ‘groomed’ by the older men who act as instructors! This abusive process psychologically and physically prepares the boys to willingly ‘submit’ to the more elaborate sexual abuse which routinely occurs as part of the induction process into the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi Battalions! 

Wherever the Azov (or similar) Neo-Nazi Battalion establishes a base, the men of the unit are bound together through what the civilised world would view as ‘abusive’ sexual hierarchical relationships! The younger men are required to read ‘Mein Kampf’ and develop an innate hatred for ordinary gay people who do not support the far-right, who do not believe in abusive paedophilic sexual relations, and who prefer monogamous relationships between consenting adults! Whilst cultivating this knowledge of Hitlerite ideology and hating genuine and responsible gay people, (Hitler sent such people to the Death Camps), these young ‘Azov’ men are willingly submitting to being raped by their mentors and superior Officers! Indeed, Azov iconology is full of ‘hidden’ and ‘secret’ coding contained within photographs! As well as the ‘Black’ penis disguised as the god ‘Perun’ – Azov recruits are often pictured holding up a ‘single’ finger which denotes an ‘erect’ penis and confirms that they have been fully ‘inducted’ (through anal intercourse) into the Hitlerite Battalions and are no longer trainees of acolytes waiting for Hitlerite men of substance to ‘penetrate’ their bodies and passing-on the spirit of Adolf Hitler through the penetrative act itself and the exchange of bodily fluids (such as semen, blood and saliva, etc). The indoctrination of young boys to confirm and not resist this process starts in the Azov Summer Camps but has spread since 2014 into the mainstream schooling system throughout West Ukraine!  

The ‘Maidan’ (also referred to by Russians as ‘Bandera’) has had eight-years to develop a generation of Neo-Nazi Units bound by child sexual abuse and dysfunctional homosexuality! The Hitlerites believe that this links them with the strength and power of ancient Greece – particularly the Spartans and the armies of Alexander the Great! The Neo-Nazi Units have been armed and financed by the West, with many travelling to the West for advanced training! They have built their ‘Black’ phallic icons around Donbass and yet despite all this spiritual and physical preparation – these Hitlerite Unites have been destroyed by the Russian Armed Forces – particularly the Chechens! It would seem that armies built around the concept of ‘paederasty’ (as found in ancient Greece) does not generate modern armies that fight in a superior manner! Although the Nazi German Army (Wehrmacht) did dominate for a time during WWII (1939-1945), it did not participate in the sexual abuse of recruits. This was the exclusive domain of the ‘SS’ Units controlled directly by Adolf Hitler himself, and although these men were ruthless, generally speaking their over-all combat efficiency is questionable despite their elite status! Such men received better training, uniforms, pay, weaponry and working conditions, and were used in geographical spaces already cleared, pacified or extremely weakened by sustained Wehrmacht action!  

The ‘SS’ would simply enter spaces already freed of any extreme danger and begin the process of torturing, raping and murdering undesirable civilians. Of course, as the War went on and Hitler started suffering losses, the ‘SS’ (and similar ‘specialist’ formations) found themselves in frontline roles which saw a ‘toughening’ of the entire structure! Many thousands of Western and Northern European ‘Volunteers’ flocked to the Hitlerite banner and joined the ‘foreign’ units of the ‘SS’ – often fighting to the last man in the Berlin rubble as the Soviet Red Army advanced and Hitler was already dead (or on his way to Argentina)! This self-sacrificing tradition is what the US and ‘Maidan’ are relying upon when they call for ‘Volunteers’ from across the White Supremacy movements of the world (which includes Zionist Israel)! Although this dysfunctional homosexuality did not have the time or conditions to manifest in the hastily organised ‘SS’ Units at the end of WWII within Nazi Germany, the ‘Maidan’ has had eight-years of ‘grooming’ generations of young boys and men to a) hate non-abusive mainstream homosexuality, whilst b) perceiving male rape as a legitimate form of expressing dominance, rank, authority and superiority! Nearly from day one of the illegal of seizure of power in the Ukraine in early 2014, the ‘Maidan’ has sent Neo-Nazi Battalions to militarily harass the Russian people of Donbass – killing between 13,000-14,000 men, women and children in the protest! It is ironic that virtually ALL White, bourgeois gay-rights movements in the West support without question the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime placed into power by the US, UK and EU! 

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