Mariupol: Copy of Mein Kampf Found! (28.4.2022)

A Well-Read Edition!

Amongst the piles of dead bodies in and around the Azov Battalion’s Neo-Nazi Base – not far from the phallic symbol dedicated to the god Perun – this copy of Hitler’s tome ‘Mein Kampf’ (‘My Struggle’) was discovered! It is well-read and possibly a classic edition! It is not the only version found – but many others have been severely damaged in the figjtimg! Many Azov Neo-Nazis died with their copies still held close to their bodies! A great many are in translated form but many others were printed in modern Germany and seem to have have been shipped out in large numbers to the Ukraine! Hitler devoted many chapters to Russia’s supposed racial inferiority and the need for the destruction of that country! That is why many Azov would not surrender!

A Dead Azov ‘Volunteer’ Died for Hitler’s Vision!

Но, как говорится, в Украине нацистов нет.

На базе Азова в Мариуполе внезапно(!) нашли Майн Кампф

Пригласить друга 👉Армия 18+

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