Kherson: Pro- Fascist Rally Called by Zelensky! (27.4.2022)

A Small Group of Brainwashed Ukrainians Took to the Street in Support of Hitler and Opposing the Re-Lighting of the Eternal Flame Honour the Soviet Red Army!

⚡️🇺🇦🇬🇧 A grandiose pro-Ukrainian rally was announced today in Kherson by Zelensky (who no longer controls the area) – but which was monitored by the liberating Russian troops!

As a result, a couple of hundred people took to the streets at most and everything ended quite predictably. When pro-Hitler chanting began – the crowd was dispersed!

Z Donetsk | Subscribe

⚡️🇺🇦🇷🇺 Грандиозный проукраинский митинг анонсирован сегодня в подконтрольном российским войскам Херсоне.

В итоге на улицы вышло максимум пара сотен человек и все закончилось вполне предсказуемо.

Z Донецк | Подписаться

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