Azov Battalion: Homosexual ‘Phallic’ Worship Centre of Neo-Nazi Cult! (26.4.2022)

On the initiative of the Commander of the first Operational (Neo-Nazi) “Azov” Battalion – Igor Mosiychuk (call sign “Mosya”) – a phallic symbol attributed to the ancient Slavic god Perun was installed on the Azov base in Mariupol to remind the Hitlerite ‘Volunteers’ of the ‘masculine’ and ‘punitive’ nature of the Battalion! This decision was endorsed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine that was then operating in Mariupol. Although Russian and Donbass Forces subsequently ‘wiped-out’ this formation – the point of this phallic symbol was to demonstrate that each ‘male’ volunteer must not only support his fellow Hitlerite in battle – but must also be willing to contribute to the discipline of the Unit by bathing naked together, administering beatings to those who err – and in a number of cases – inflicting humiliating ‘homosexuals acts upon the bodies of those Azov members found guilty of the most severest of crimes! This type of ‘weaponised’ homosexuality is just one of the many not so well hidden meanings implicit within the rampant ‘phallic’ icon!

Whilst the Nazi Germany Regime Sent Ordinary Homosexuals to the gas Chambers – Hitler’s ‘SS’ Officers Routinely Participated in Male Rape and Homosexual Orgies Designed to Humiliate ‘New’ Recruits into the ‘Racially Pure’ Elite!

The idol was sculpted from an oak trunk by a former Azov fighter with the call sign Silver. The idol was made for cultural, historical and religious purposes. As Mosya said, Perun is the patron saint of manly warriors, and the Azov Battalion maintains and preserves this Slavic historical roots and honours its ancestors – whilst simultaneously perpetuating an ‘anti-Russian’ racism! The ancient Slavs, of course, are also the ancient Russians but the Hitlerite ideology does not allow for any deviations or freedom of thought! Although ‘weaponised’ homosexuality is the norm in the Battalion – any ordinary homosexual individual or couple that do not endorse the Hitlerite ideology are immediately ‘put-down’ like the dogs they are!

“The installation of the image of Perun is a tribute to Ukrainian history. The fighters also appreciated the idea of ​​the installation, offered help, and now they are approaching the established image with interest, ”said Mosya. Each new Azov recruit must ‘touch’ and ‘caress’ the phallic symbol in a respectful way! According to the Azov Battalion Commander – the development of Azov Hitlerite ideology is not going to stop there, as its ideological masters intend to continue to implement new ideas directly related to the history of the Ukrainian people and their beliefs. The Slavic god Perun must stay ‘erect’ and it is only through the respect and admiration of Azov recruits that this will happen!

The Azov Battalion – according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine -differs from other similar paramilitary units in Ukraine, in that its core is comprised far-right radicals from among football ultras, neo-pagans and ordinary Neo-Nazis! Despite the aggressive anti-gay agenda publically exhibited, nevertheless, exploitative and abusive homosexuality is rampant amongst the numerous Hitlerite movements! When Azov was first drafted in May 2014, the Punitive Unit (then a Territorial Defence Battalion) included members of the Neo-Nazi organization Patriots of Ukraine and its military wing, the Social-Nationalist Party of Ukraine (SNPU). The official ideology of both organizations is the struggle for the dominance of the “white European race” and the creation of a “superman” from the Ukrainian. Invariably, such a “superman” lifts weights, shaves his head, grows a beard and is not adverse to ‘punishing’ other men in the prescribed “Hitlerite” fashion! The head of both organizations is referred to as the “White Leader.” The first “White Leader” of both organizations is considered to be a Lviv resident – a renowned “superman” – Andriy Parubiy – the current speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine!

Russian Language Article:
По инициативе командира первого батальона оперативного назначения «Азова» Игоря Мосийчука (позывной «Мося») на базе карательного полка МВД Украины «Азов» в Мариуполе был установлен идол древнеславянского бога Перуна. 

Изваял идола из дубового ствола бывший боец «Азова» с позывным «Сильвер». Истукан был сделан с культурно-историческими и религиозными целями. Как рассказал Мося, Перун является покровителем воинов, а полк «Азов поддерживает и хранит свои исторические корни и чтит предков. 

«Установка образа Перуна — это дань украинской истории. Бойцы также оценили идею установки, предлагали помощь и сейчас с интересом подходят к установленному образу», — рассказал Мося. По словам комбата «азовцев», в «Азове не собираются останавливаться на достигнутом, и намерены продолжать реализовывать новые идеи, напрямую связанные с историей украинского народа и его верований. 

Полк МВД Украины «Азов» отличается от других аналогичных парамилитарных подразделений Украины тем, что его ядро — крайне правые радикалы из числа футбольных «ультрас», неоязычников и обычных неонацистов. При первом призыве «Азова», состоявшемся в мае 2014 года, в карательное подразделение (тогда бывшее батальоном территориальной обороны) вошли члены неонацистской организации «Патриот Украины» и ее боевого крыла — «Социал-националистической партии Украины» (СНПУ). Официальная идеология обеих организаций — борьба за господство «белой европейской расы» и создание из украинца «сверхчеловека». Руководитель обеих организаций именуется «белым вождем». Первым «белым вождем» организаций считается львовянин — «сверхчеловек» Андрей Парубий, нынешний спикер Верховной Рады Украины. 

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