How Ukrainians Explain Their Neo-Nazi Tattoos! (25.4.2022)

Neo-Nazism Appears To Be Part and Parcel of Post-1991 Ukrainian Culture Imported From the West!

Military Correspondents Zhenya Poddubny and Sasha Kots recently showed one Ukrainian man wearing Neo-Nazi Tattoos – which he called “Old Slavic”! Here, there is another suspect captured in the Kupyansk area of Kharkov on suspicions of trying to set fire to equipment! There was the same song of “Old Russian” runes (and after 20 seconds) I meant “Ancient Greek”! In other words, these should be well educated men schooled in Slavic Runes and Ancient Greek! Of course, they are not! These symbols are Germamic and linked directly to Adolf Hitler, his Nazi ideology and its Neo-Nazi variant!

Коллеги военкоры Женя Поддубный и Саша Коц на днях показали уже одного хлопца в татуировках, которые он называет “древнеславянскими”.
А вот ещё один персонаж, которого взяли в Купянске (Харьковская область) за подозрения в попытках поджога техники и та же песенка — руны “древнерусские” (а через 20 секунд уже “древнегреческие”).
Древнего грека, короче бойцы взяли…

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