‘”addidas” T-shirt Will Deflect All Anti-Fascist Bullets’ – De-Nazified Suspect Claimed! (24.4.2022)

British Comedian – James Cordon – Has Denied Any Interest or Connection to Neo-Nazi Ukraine! He is Calling It a Case of ‘Mistaken Identity’ Following Media Speculation That He Resembles the Above De-Nazified Criminal!

❗️The Azov militant who on February 22 promised to “cut the fuck up” of the inhabitants of Donbass was denazized
Now he will report directly to Bandera about his Nazi failures.

Z Donetsk | Subscribe

Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Threatens to “Cut-Up” Donbass Inhabitants!

❗️Денацифицирован боевик «Азова», который 22 февраля обещал «резать нах*й» жителей Донбасса
Теперь о своих нацистских неуспехах отчитается напрямую Бандере.

Z Донецк | Подписаться

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