Day 58: Russia’s Special Operation – De-Nazification of East Ukraine! (23.4.2022)

A General Lack of Correct Data is a Deliberate Act of Anti-Intellectualism Perpetuated By the US, UK and EU!

🇬🇧🇺🇦 The 58th day of the Special Operation of the Russian Armed Forces was notable for the capture of the largest arsenal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Balakliya – while the Mayor of the city himself was accused of treason for cooperation with the Russian Federation! The educational process resumed in Russian-controlled Melitopol, and peaceful life began to return to Mariupol. The Western-backed Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are losing on all fronts! US, UK and EU economic ‘Sanctions’ have proven counter-productive and are hurting the Western domestic populations of the governments concerned, and widespread hardship to the people of Africa, Asia and South America! Modern Germany is the main force behind Ukrainian Neo-Nazism (aided and abetted by the Vatican), whilst the US and UK currently possess two of the worst leaders the respective countries have ever seen! The only place the West is prevailing is in the governmental control of the ‘free press’ – which has been happy to play along with the general ‘inversion’ of reality! This ‘free press’ collectively bleats ‘there is no Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine!’ – often accompanied by images of Ukrainians carrying Neo-Nazi symbols, pictures of long dead Nazi War Criminals whilst performing straight-armed salutes! The sheer scale of the governmental manipulation of the Western press (and the Western mind) is remarkable but not unique! Covid-19 saw a Western governmental crackdown upon ALL non-factual data concerning the origins, nature and spread of the disease (and a suspension of freedom of speech), whilst this situation, (motivated as it is by historical anti-Russian racism), has seen a media-led feeding frenzy which has seen the indulging of any and all preferred fantasies about Hitlerite Ukraine! In structure and nuance, this situation is very similar to the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) – which saw the bourgeois Western Governments deny that Franco was a) a ‘fascist’, and b) was supported by ‘Hitler’ and ‘Mussolini’ ! The preferred rhetoric then, was that Franco was a ‘good Catholic’ motivated by pure intentions when he overthrew the democratically elected ‘Socialist’ government! Of course, the Western proletariat disagreed and marshalled by the USSR put up a noble fight against the forces of international fascism and Catholic corruption! Although it is true that many thousands of workers ‘see through’ the Western lies propagated about the situation in modern Ukraine, the same governments have been very careful to exclude all progressive, anti-fascist and genuine movements of the workers from access to the mainstream media! Indeed, it is only in this broad brainwashing of its own citizens that the West has been successful!

🇷🇺🇺🇦 58-й день специальной операции ВС РФ был примечателен захватом в Балаклее крупнейшего арсенала ВСУ, тогда как сам мэр города был обвинен в госизмене за сотрудничество с РФ, в подконтрольном России Мелитополе возобновился образовательный процесс, а в Мариуполь начала возвращаться мирная жизнь.

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