Anti-Fascist Easter Cakes (Z) Sent to the Front! (23.4.2022)

Baking, Blessing and Bestowing!

‼️🇬🇧Thousands of Easter cakes were baked at a mobile military bakery to be sent to the front!

Before being sent to the front line, Easter cakes were consecrated on the parade ground of one of the military units of the Belgorod Region. 19 thousand eggs were also prepared for the holiday, which were painted in the colors of the Russian tricolor. Each box was marked with a Z.

‼️🇷🇺Тысячи куличей выпекли на подвижном военном хлебозаводе для отправки на фронт

Перед отправкой на передовую куличи освятили на плацу одной из воинских частей Белгородской области. К празднику также подготовили 19 тыс. яиц, которые выкрасили в цвета российского триколора. Каждую коробку пометили знаком Z.

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