Mariupol: Western-Backed Neo-Nazi “Azov” Terrorists Desparate to Surrender!

Neo-Nazi Tattoos Are Depicted By the Western Media as Being ‘Ukrainian’ Cultural Symbols “Oppressed” By Russian Army!

Interrogation of a captured militant of the Azov National Battalion in Mariupol.

All the prisoners say that the militants who have settled in Azovstal are suppressed. Many of them want to surrender, but are afraid of being shot by their commanders.


Допрос пленного боевика нацбата “Азов” в Мариуполе.

Все пленные говорят, что боевики, засевшие в «Азовстали», подавлены. Многие из них хотят сдаться, но боятся расстрела своими командирами.


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