Kherson: Double-Agent Valery Kuleshov Assassinated! (21.4.2022)

Valery Kuleshov was Assassinated by a Kyiv Neo-Nazi Hit Squad Armed and Directed by NATO!

UPD: the deceased turned out to be a Banderist (Neo-Nazi) supporter – but we did not know this as his cover-story was that he was ‘Pro-Russian’ and supported the ‘De-Nazificstion’ process!

Kherson – blogger and volunteer Valery Kuleshov was murdered by a Kyiv Neo-Nazi Hit Squad – (probably by mistake) as they have killed one of their own!

The Car Valery Kuleshov Died in – Riddled with NATO-Supplied Bullets!

This morning he was shot dead in his own car near the entrance of his home situated in the Shumen Sub-District.

Valery Kuleshov’a Dead Body Still Sat in the Front of His Car!

Valery Kuleshov appeared to help those in need and kept a blog in which he talked about the life in the city after the arrival of Russia’s Anti-Fascist Forces! His cover demanded that he appeared to support Russia – but those that new him personally stated that this was a lie and that he was previously well-known for supporting the Kyiv-based Maidan Neo-Nazis, was openly anti-USSR (CCCP) and had called for ALL Soviet-era Monuments and Statues to the Heroes of the Soviet Union to be pulled-down and destroyed throughout Ukraine and elsewhere in Eastern Europe! Furthermore, amongst his family and friends in the local area. It was common-knowledge that he was a supporter of fascism and had praised Polish Neo-Nazism and its destruction of Soviet War Memorials dating from the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) – which a major and important part of WWII! The Soviet Red Army also participated in the War in the Pacific (during late 1945) liberating Northeast China and a number of historically ‘Russian’ Islands North of Japan (but which had been colonised by Fascist Japanese Forces) before WWII ended! Ironically, this later military action had been at the behest of a struggling US which had bean having trouble defeating and subduing a very weakened Japan after America had commuted the War Crime of pointlessly dropping two hydrogen bombs upon the undefended civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki! This Soviet contribution is often omitted from Western history books dealing the subject of the so-called ‘Pacific War’ – due to the relative ease (and non-racist) manner in with which Soviet Red Army defeated the Kwantung Army of Imperial Japan!

According to eyewitness reports, Valery Kuleshov was killed by a Bandera Hit Squad ordered by Kyiv! The murder was carried-out by a sleeper-cell triggered from amongst the terrorist supporters living incognito in the area. Unfortunately, other cases of terror should be expected in the future, as attacks upon representatives of the supposedly Pro-Russian humanitarian and social spheres are a key part of Bandera’s ideology (although in thus case they appear to have made a mistake)!

To restore stability in the regions, it is important to take care of security and eliminate the terrorist Pro-NATO, Pro-Bandera and Pro-Neo-Nazi underground!


All These Videos Were Recorded Locally Before the Authorities Arrived!

UPD: покойный оказался тем ещё бандеровцем, а мы и не знали.

Херсон, убит блогер и волонтер Валерий Кулешов

Сегодня утром он был расстрелян в собственной машине возле своего подъезда в Шуменском микрорайоне.

Валерий помогал нуждающимся и вёл блог, в котором рассказывал о жизни города после прихода антифашистов.

По всей видимости он был убит бандеровцами из числа спящей террористической ячейки. К сожалению в будущем стоит ожидать и другие случаи террора, так как нападения на представителей гуманитарной и социальной сфер является ключевой частью бандеровской идеологии.

Для восстановления стабильности в регионах важно позаботится о безопасности и ликвидации бандподполья


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