Kharkov: Pro-Russian Woman Caught By Neo-Nazis! (21.4.2022)

Local Bandera ‘Detain’ an Anti-Fascist Ukrainian Woman!

Dnepropetrovsk Volkssturm caught a young Ukrainian woman who was waiting to make contact with Russian Units in Kharkov. She had previously confided to a Ukrainian spy whom she talked to on tiktok. The traitor recorded their communication and passed it on to the Local Neo-Nazi Forces. REMEMBER – ALL Western Social Media Platforms are Pro-Fascist and controlled by the US and their NATO allies! Do not trust anyone who posts on them!

Now the woman will experience a difficult communication with the Neo-Nazis! This will include various types of violence, rape and torture!


Днепропетровск, фольксштурм поймал девчонку, которая ждала наших в Харькове. Она разоткровенничалась об этом парню, с которым общалась в тик-токе. Выродок записал их общение и слил бандеровцам.

Теперь девушку ожидает непростое общение с нацистами


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