Another Dead Neo-Nazi – Taras Lavriv! (21.4.2022)

Good News At Last!

Gopak did not help

The Sports Committee of Ukraine, with due grief, announces the death of the Azov militant, the founder and head of the Ivan Bohun Combat Gopak School in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, Taras Lavriv. At the same time, the obituary of the nationalist organization “Sokol” says that the deceased was “a real patriot, Ukrainian-centrist and nationalist.” It is curious that in his spare time, “Azov” Lavriv played along on the guitar in a group with the expressive name “Iron Cross”.

In the last weeks of his life, the “real patriot” was active on social networks, posted photos of the fighting and the dead Russian military, in particular, on March 9 he mockingly wrote: “Happy March 8th, dear Russian women. A few snowdrops for you in honor of the holiday. “Snowdrops” is a slang term for corpses found after the snow has melted. Now Mr. Lavriv himself has joined their number.

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