Ukraine: Western Governments Lie All the Time! 

Coming to a Local Area Near You – Courtesy of the Tory Party!

For around four-hundred years, Western governments have lied if they believe such lying grants a political advantage. Governments certainly lied before this point in time, but it denotes the time when the bourgeoise started to make its presence felt as the controller of Westerner society (taking control of the means of production within each society from the ancient aristocracies), and vying with one another for every conceivable advantage lying could grant in the international arena! Of course, there were times when outbreaks of truth did happen, but these are few and far between. This is relevant because the bourgeoise is still in power in the West today, was in power in the West during WWII, and is responsible for ‘normalising’ Ukrainian Neo-Nazism and flooding the West with the worst kind of Ukrainian criminals the human mind could possibly conceive! Of course, what has changed is that Russia was under the control of the Proletariat during WWII – whilst today it is under the control of the bourgeoisie following the 1991 counter-Revolution and the restoration of capitalism. 

The ‘Soviet Union’ fighting fascism during the 1930s and 1940s is understandable – but why bother today? What possible advantage does it give Russia to combat Neo-Nazism today? Things are not as simple as my last few sentences would suggest as the resurgence in Neo-Nazism has only occurred during the post-1991 era where the West has sought to take control of Russia’s internal financial system (an objective resisted by the Russians). Neo-Nazism, being anti-Russian in nature and hateful of the Soviet regime that defeated it in 1945, has served as the ideal vehicle for the West to move NATO ever closer to Russia’s borders, and to pressure the Russian people to elect or choose a leader who is more pro-actively ‘American-friendly’ and more prone to establish a Rothschild Central Bank in Moscow so that the Russian economy can be controlled directly from Washington! Bourgeois Russia is resisting this and has decided to take on and militarily destroy the Neo-Nazi vehicle the West has established around its borders!  

In this regard, the West has been caught with its trousers-down! So much of British culture, for instance, has evolved around the fact that Britain stood-up to Hitler and eventually managed to prevail during a major world conflict! British schoolchildren were taught in school for years to be proud of their ‘anti-fascist’ grandfathers with WWII often referred to in the UK as the ‘People’s War’! Today, the UK has had a far-right Tory government in power for twelve-years and it is this government which has decided to play-along with the US and ‘pretend’ the vicious (and ‘illegal’) Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime of West Ukraine is in fact a lovely, inviting and tolerant product of everything that is good about democracy! This is a complete and total lie! The average supporter of the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime is a Hitlerite, a criminal and quite often a paedophile! It is these despicable people that the British Tories are allowing into our country (and around our children) as a means to ‘cover-up’ the fact that since 2014, the British government, along with the US and Germany, has been arming and financing this Neo-Nazi regime and empowering its criminally-minded citizens to carry-out murderous reprisals against the freedom-loving people of East Ukraine (Donbass)! Many of these people are now free to continue to commit their crimes on British streets against British people!  

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