Kharkov: Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Demolish Statue to Marshal Zhukov! (17.4.2022)

The Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Are Doing the Bidding of NATO!

Monument to Soviet commander Marshal Zhukov dismantled in Kharkov

According to the leader of the Kharkiv National Corps Konstantin Nemichev, this was done by his special unit Kraken, which is a subdivision of the Azov regiment.

This is the same Nemichev who shot through the legs of those taken prisoner.

NATO members specifically keep these fagots in Kharkov and commit such abominations so that the anti-fascists are forced to turn Kharkov into Mariupol. They do not feel sorry for the Russians, and therefore they are not allowed to evacuate.


В Харькове демонтирован памятник советскому полководцу маршалу Жукову

Как сообщил пидер харьковского Нацкорпуса Константин Немичев, это сделало его спецподразделение «Кракен», которое является подразделением полка “Азов”.

Это тот самый Немичев, который простреливал ноги взятым в плен.

НАТОвцы специально этих пидеров держат в Харькове и совершают подобные мерзости, чтобы антифашисты были вынуждены из Харькова сделать Мариуполь. Русских им не жалко, потому и эвакуироваться им не разрешают.


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  1. Yup! You read my mind there Comrade. Standard divide and ruin tactics. Erase everything…all traces of history and culture and community. Leave nothing to serve as a reminder of what once was and who the people were. Obliterate the past. Ethnically cleanse and re-educate the people so they become good Nazis, DAESH or Turks or neo liberals or whatever. Same here with deindustrialisation. Say “skilled manual labour” now and everyone gives you a funny look. Well take a look around….at Nazi Scotland. The unthinkable has happened.

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