Long Live Comrade Bala! Long Live the Fight Against Neo-Fascism & Neo-Nazism! (15.4.2022)

In this, his erstwhile daughter – ‘Prem’ – has been busy ‘hiding’ and ‘wiping-out’ her ethnic ‘Indian’ background as she attempts to ‘disappear’ into the White community – the fascism of which she has collaborated with, encouraged, and helped assist in the oppression of her father! Katy Morgan-Davis – as she is now known – will soon learn that the White (racist) community she has helped destroy her father will ultimately ‘reject’ her – once they have finished with her and have no further need of her lies and disinformation! She is definitely a modern ‘Kapo’ working the the side of fascism and Nazi oppression!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine Deploys Children for War! (15.4.2022)

Enticed with promises of toys and sweets – the Neo-Nazi Maidan regime are ‘aiming’ children heavily ladened with the best weaponry the US, UK and EU can provide, and pointing them in the general direction of the Russian Army! President Zelensky has defended this decision by laying the blame on the people of Donbass themselves stating that if only they would read Mein Kampf and give Hitler a chance, none of this would have to happen! Joe Biden has agreed with this logic and is considering outlawing Russia as a concept! Stephen King commented ‘Jeez, this war is really hotting up!’

DPR: There is Only One Victory for All – Frontline and Rear-Guard Together! (15.4.2022)

The fight against neo-fascism is the business of every conscious and honest person on earth. The Communists and their supporters in the DPR, as well as the Left-Patriotic forces led by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, know from their own historical experience that Victory is achieved on the battlefields by fortitude, faith in justice, selflessness and heroism of soldiers, as well as valiant selfless work of the whole people!

n the 20th century – and together we will defeat neo-fascism of the 21st century!

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